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Aaron Linde, Lead Writer of Battleborn, accepts new challenge

Aaron Linde Lead Writer of Battleborn
Aaron Linde Lead Writer of Battleborn

Aaron Linde, the lead writer of Battleborn, has announced that he is leaving Gearbox Software. He got an awesome opportunity in the NorthWest on which he can talk about real soon. Aaron  posted this on Twitter were he thanks the team over at Gearbox and is incredibly proud of the work they did together.

Aaron signed up  for lead writer at Gearbox in October 2013, he kinda got the job because of his friend Anthony Burch who was Lead Writer on Borderlands 2 at the studio. Before that Aaron Linde worked on narrative design at  Monolith Productions and Microsoft Game Studios, where he wrote for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Gears of War 3.

As i got the feeling that some websites are writing about Aaron’s departure as Battleborn failing against the mighty Overwatch i contacted 2K Games about this manor.

Aaron stayed on to see Battleborn through to completion and has already finished a great deal of work on upcoming content,His departure has been carefully planned and he has transitioned writing duties to Sam Winkler, who wrote the character Alani and has been helping with the writing on Battleborn since February.

Its not uncommon that people get hired per project or jump from project to project them self.  Tim Turi from Game Informer talks to Gearbox’s lead writer on Battleborn, Aaron Linde, about his past at Destructoid, friendship with Anthony Burch, the role of battle chatter, and more.

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