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April 2023 Channel Update

April 2023 Channel Update
April 2023 Channel Update

Hey and welcome to another Channel Update. In these blogs, I want to give you an update on what has been going on in my life and on the website as I strive to create a kickass resource for you.


I found out that I have been doing content creation for 11 years now. That’s crazy and a heck of an achievement. I’m grateful for all your support!

I went to the Mario movie with my oldest son and it was great. Yeah, it’s kinda a kid’s movie in the way the story progresses very easily to the next plot point without deep motivational dialogue. It’s very cut and dry in that sense. “This is what needs to happen”, “Okay, let’s do that”.

That said, the movie was entertaining and even my son started pointing out easter eggs to me. He was on point regarding the more recent games while I could chip in with some deep cuts.


Discovered another bug that prevented the pagination from working in some cases but that’s now fixed.

There have been a ton of small updates to dozens of pages to help you on your way but for the sake of keeping this update concise and not a documented changelog, I’ll leave it at that.

I have been doing research into different page layouts but nothing has been implemented as of yet.

One feature that did get implemented is the breadcrumbs on every page.


Handsome Jack in Borderlands 4

I have been adding more and more Borderlands 3 Named Enemies to the database and linking those to their dedicated drops. There is still more work to be done here but things are moving forward.

Borderlands 4 received new articles on a weekly basis that talk about things I think would be awesome in the next game. I have also seen some great discussions on social media about these articles so check them out.

I reworked the Borderlands 2 Shift Codes page since those are being shared again. I checked every old SHiFT Code and discovered that a lot of old codes still work. I did remove all the codes that didn’t work anymore. You are now also able to quickly copy each SHiFT Code.

Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter Pages received a makeover.


Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has been taken over by Wonderlands Redux and I have been supporting this community project. Congrats to the Redux Team for the launch of their Mod, it looks great!

Other than that, I have been keeping up with the weekly rotations for the most part. I forgot the Featured Run once but that’s because I really needed to sleep as the hotfixes always drop in the evening here in Holland. So I initially planned to do the breakdown the next day but it slipped my mind as I was occupied with other stuff.


There was a hands-on event for Redfall and therefore I could add a ton of new content to the site and update existing pages with new details.

Redfall has some bad PR beats at the moment but that’s not stopping my excitement and support for the game. You can expect a ton of content from me once the game is released.

Some folks that had the privilege to play Redfall early were struggling with the Red Mist in the game and mentioned they couldn’t figure out how to counter that. I found an interview that actually mentions the solution, so I already have a Redfall Guide up on my site on How to remove the Red Mist in Redfall.

Since folks are curious about End Game in Redfall, I made an overview with all the known activities. Another question I see floating around is, “What does post-launch support look like”, so therefore, I made a Redfall Roadmap containing everything we know.

Immortals of Aveum

I kinda just stealth-launched my Immortals of Aveum Wiki. This game has been on my radar for some time now, however, I wanted to see more of it before I could justify spending a lot of time on it.

Ascendent Studios just released a gameplay trailer of Immortals of Aveum and I’m impressed. I discovered some cool things in the press release and therefore I started doing additional research. What I discovered made me even more excited about the game. Therefore, I committed the days after to collect everything I could find and bundle that into a HUB here on the site.

what to expect from Borderlands in 2024
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