Are Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel getting new DLC?

Rumors mention that Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel are getting new content in some shape or form. At first, I placed this rumor next to all the other rumors, however, recent developments are adding more substance to this rumor.
New Borderlands Content
New Borderlands Content Coming Soonish?


The folks over at The Triple S League have “received reports from two independent sources that localization work on Borderlands 3 has begun“.  The also mentioned new content for the legacy games. While I personally like the idea of bringing new content to the older games to hype up Borderlands 3, I also don’t find this an efficient or effective way of promoting the next installment in the Borderlands franchise. Some fans speculated that because only a few people played Tales from the Borderlands, that Gearbox needed to explain some of the new story elements. While this is plausible, I still don’t find it an efficient or effective way of doing things. We have seen in the past that marketing put out a comic book style infographic explaining the timeline. That said; we have seen that GBX added a new side quest to Borderlands 2 in the past to expand upon the lore so it crosses over into Tales from the Borderlands.

New Content

After the rumor that new content is coming, Gearbox Software & 2K Games announced Borderlands 2 VR. At first, this announcement was seen as the new Borderlands content that “we where expecting”.  However, recent developments show that Gearbox is actively working on something on Steam. When you check SteamDB you can see that the Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel files have gotten several updates.

You can find multiple MCarlson test files. If we check MobyGames we do find a Michael Carlson that worked on previous GBX releases as a programmer or technical director. He has worked on Borderlands and Battleborn.

Other files we can find have code names like; Ailanthus and Mancana, and these are both trees. In case you didn’t know Gearbox likes to name their projects after various flora. Trees are big projects, Bushes are smaller projects, and Flowers are DLC. With Battleborn I have even seen a code name that refers to an apple. If we look at previous GBX titles we see Borderlands is named Willow (tree) and Battleborn is named Popular (tree). Project 1v1 is named Mahogany which is a competitive tree, which is fitting for a competitive game. Other known projects that have been mentioned on the Nerdvana Podast are:

However, these code names don’t explain the “Carcosa content” which can also be found in the SteamDB. If you are familiar with H.P Lovecraft, you might recognize the name Carcosa as it was referencing a fictional city that originally was used in a collection of stories named ‘The King in Yellow’. Speculation leads to believe that Handsome Jack could be this “King in Yellow” due to the Hyperion color scheme. The fictional city Carcosa had a supernatural setting and Halloween is coming up soon, are these two events connected?

The city of Carcosa is located in the Hyades Cluster and if you dive into Greek Mythology you learn that Hyades are the daughters of Atlas. Borderlands also has the Atlas corporation, they discovered the alien technology and started reverse engineer it to outperform their competition. The Atlas corporation found the Eridian Tech on the planet Promethea, this location was also hinted at in the Borderlands 3 Easter Eggs that were hidden in Battleborn.


I know community member Supmatto has been diving deeply into this. Is this rumor true? I don’t know, but it seems things are starting to add up and therefore I’m reporting on it. I don’t think it’s Gearbox adding VR support to the PC version, because only BL2 VR was announced so that wouldn’t justify new content for BLTPS. If 2K Games wanted to update the community about story events I think they could have released a story trailer bringing the players up to speed. Some might say playing is believing, but if you have to rely on that than your core message is probably off. All in all, I still like the idea of new content.

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  1. B.d. Dickerson

    Considering the majority of the community complained about bl2 season pass not allowing all dlc i doubt anything else comes out. Lets also go back to when tps came out, they nothing new would be released after season pass since the majority of the community complained about bl2. I would like to see new content but lets face it the games are old. I said when tps came out i love the screw the community heres what your getting and thats that attitude everyone was given. I love the borderlands series but the community did get what they asked for.

    • MentalMars

      Back then it wasn’t common practice that games would get more content beyond the season pass content. GBX & 2K did specify the contents of the season pass before hand and even added a few things later on due to feedback/success. I didn’t understand the complains back then. These days we have games like Fortnite that has “seasons” every other month or so.

  2. It wouldn’t hurt anyone to receive new DLC for these old games. Remember when they added Borderlands skins for Battleborn? I don’t see how they can’t add new things for Borderlands 2 and the Presequel. I think it’s a good way to keep the hype going for the next title of Borderlands. Maybe they will add a few Easter eggs for game development reasons.

  3. Tokesy97

    I’d like to see the Luxy Space Adventure from TPS finished, even if it was a smaller DLC than originally planned.

  4. Urzu

    I’d love to believe they’re true but I’m almost certain that they aren’t

  5. Jacob Dempsey


  6. Jim

    Been keeping up with this via SupMatto, who gave you a big shout in yesterday’s video on the topic. Interesting, hopeful stuff.

  7. Ricki Guldborg Jensen

    Whaaat? I thought it was a big fat rumor. Even when Pitchfork laughed at it was was almost certain that it was fake 😅

    • Ricki Guldborg Jensen

      I just don’t hope it will be a skin pack. They did that for hyping up Pre-sequel

  8. Yiannis Hadjiyiannis

    Omg Wen Heng Taryna Ormerod

  9. Vysicle 🎃

    I’d really like to see more DLCs Pre-Sequel, especially the cancelled one.. (I can dream, okay?)

  10. What he said!!!^^^ And i couldn’t agree more. TPS could’ve been as fun as the BL2 if it was as BIG!


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