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Athena The Gladiator

Athena The Gladiator

Athena was a NPC in the General Knoxx dlc from the original Borderlands, she was a ninja like assassin and leader of the Omega Squad. Back then she worked for Atlas, these days she is a assassin for hire. This time around you get to play as her and she’s like your female captain america. Her action skill is the Kinetic Aspis, a shield she can use too protect herself from incoming enemy fire. All the damage that you collect with the Aspis, you will be able too trow that back towards your enemy. Within her 3 skill trees; Phalanx, Xiphos, and Ceraunic Storm your able to power up yourself and that shield to do some crazy ass damage.


The skill tree that is heavily focused on Athena’s Action skill, for example you also be able to absorb elemental damage with your Aspis and even friendly fire so you and your co-op buddy can do some serious damage. Phalanx is the Tank tree with as capstone the game changer that’s lets the shield when throw ricochet between multiple enemies.


This skill tree has a lot of melee buffs, Xiphos is also the name of Athena’s energy sword. Within this skill tree you will be able to use her personal status effect called bleed. If you get your enemies to ‘bleed’ you will receive buffs the more enemies you ‘bleed’ the more buffs you get.

Ceraunic Storm

The elemental tree that’s focused on fire and shock damage, this tree uses a stacking mechanic. Every time you deal fire of shock damage you gain a maelstrom stack increasing your elemental damage. There are some skills that tie into the new gameplay mechanics of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. For 1 the low gravity, when Athena in the air and uses the skill smite she creates little elemental area of effect damage increasing her stacks of maelstrom. And for the second gameplay mechanic the slam/groundpound/buttstomp with the final tier skill you can let your enemies explode with a fire nova.

Are you excited to play as the Gladiator, try out Athena’s skilltree calculator.

Athena Wallpapers

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel - Athena Wallpaper

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel – Athena Wallpaper

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Athena Wallpaper

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Athena Wallpaper

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