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August Channel Update

August 2023 Channel Update
August 2023 Channel Update

Hey and welcome to another Channel Update. In these blogs, I want to give you an update on what has been going on in my life and on the website as I strive to create a kickass resource for you.

Life Update


It’s August

We are celebrating my son’s birthday and right after that we are on Holiday. So if the SHiFT Codes or Maurice’s Black Market are updated later than usual, then the wi-fi failed me.

I finished watching “Secret Invasion” on Disney+. It was kinda okay, mostly enjoyed Sonya as she was more Badass Nick Fury than Nick Fury. Yes, the CGI muscle arm on Emilia Clarke was weird. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing Loki season 2.

Gonna play some more Borderlands 3 with my oldest son. I thought I only had the base game on Xbox and we finished that, however, it turns out I also own the first season pass. So we got 4 amazing campaign add-ons to play.

We also played a lot of Riftbreakers. It was on Game Pass last year but we really enjoyed the game, therefore, I purchased the game and all the DLCs. So there was a bit of a competition about who would beat the game first.

My parents-in-law are celebrating their 40th anniversary, so they asked me to design their invention cards. This took some time to get right but I thought I would only need to deliver the artwork. Nope, the idea was to print the cards at home, so I needed to shop for the correct paper thickness but then the printers started failing. Challenges had to be overcome but in the end, I managed to get the job done.

Blurred the names on the family tree because of privacy reasons.


I have been thinking about how to evolve the website. Kinda wanna take the next step but there are also still things I want to achieve in its current form.

Borderlands 3

The Hunt 2023 concluded and the community managed to raise more money for St. Jude’s than the year before which is an amazing achievement. Thanks to everyone that participated and supported the event!

I made a guide that explains the Mayhem Scaling in Borderlands 3. I noticed some questions about this in the community and there wasn’t a clear answer to be found. Therefore, I dove into the subject and created an article about it.

Borderlands 2

I added a lot of Borderlands 2 guides last month and this month I kept adding more content to that HUB. While I have all the Borderlands 2 Legendary Gear up on the site, their loot sources aren’t always clear for folks that don’t know every enemy. Therefore, I’m adding guides for all the Borderlands 2 named enemies and (mini-) bosses.

Immortals of Aveum

Immortals of Aveum is about to release and I have been making content about this game. I’m keeping up with the news updates and answering questions that appear in the community.


No new info about this game at the moment. The developer and publisher aren’t giving any updates as far as I know. Their social media channel is posting some default social media content to keep the account active.

Folks probably wanna know if that 60fps update is still coming and when they can expect the new playable characters that are part of the deluxe edition.

While doing research for Immortals I noticed that my Redfall Endgame article was being outranked on Google. Therefore, I gave it a bit of an update and it looks like it worked.

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