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Battleborn Announcement on June 4th

Battleborn Announcement
Battleborn Announcement

A new artwork of Battleborn was shown off via social media teasing us that a big announcement is coming up on June 4th. While collecting the puzzle pieces of the Battleborn Artwork we decrypted the code and found out when the next big social media update was coming. This not only resulted in an awesome space chart and some character videos of a few Battleborn characters but also pointed us to day 155 of 2015, aka June 4th.

Battleborn – For Every Kind of Badass

A cool tagline, including a variety of different people. Not saying who is a Badass and who isn’t. But also telling us there is a wide variety of characters the choose from in the game.

Each Battleborn will have its own unique Skills, Abilities, and playstyle. If we take a closer look at the image we can see a lot of little minion robots and some bigger ones like the spider robot. The Battleborn heroes in this artwork are:

But there is more… I spot two unannounced characters on this Battleborn artwork. The first one is “Hawkman”? I spotted him on one of the screenshots from 2014 and he is way in the back on the Game Informer Cover. As you might have guessed he can fly and has a badass gun. At the looks of it, he ain’t a Magic wielder, so although he is a bird-like creature I don’t think he will be part of the Eldrid faction. Instead, I think “Hawkman” will be placed in the Rogue faction.

Update: RocketMan turned out to be Benedict from the Peacekeepers Faction. Gearbox Software updated his color pallet (after my speculation) to better reflext his faction. A funfact is that Benedict’s development name was “RocketHawk”.

Battleborn - Hawkman
Battleborn – Hawkman
New Battleborn

Then there is this four-armed creature. Not sure what to make of it. It looks kinda like a voodoo witch doctor, with that ‘black’ magic it could fit with the Eldrid faction.

Update: This character turned out to be Orendi from the Rogue faction. The orange color pallet should have given it away but the character design didn’t scream space pirate to me.


Missing Characters

Battleborn missing in action on this artwork are:

Battleborn Announcement Teaser  2015

Battleborn Announcement on June 4th

From Left to Right: “Hawkman aka CSSSST”, a new Battleborn from the image above, behind that is Oscar Mike, Montana, Reyna, Behind her is a new Battleborn with a minigun, Thorn, Caldarius (in the sky), Miko, and finally Rath.

Update: Benedict, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Montana, Reyna, Ghalt, Thorn, Caldarius, Mike, and Rath.

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