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Battleborn at the ‘Inside Gearbox Panel’ from Pax Prime 2015

In case you missed it or want to watch it again… well get ready for the main event of the ‘Inside Gearbox Panel’, Battleborn at Pax Prime 2015! See how the development team gets wild and off-track with some hilarious battle chatter. Learn more about the story and some of the playable heroes in the game.


  • Introduction of the Creative Director & Writer of Battleborn.
  • Introduction to the back story of Brothers of Battlelands / Battleborn.
  • How they set the tone of the game, and how humor gets to be part of the game. The contrast between a nightmare scenario and goofy jokes.
  • How much coffee did Randy have before the panel?
  • How game physics determines how the characters play.
  • Introduction of some design/art staff members.
  • Design overview of Ambra & Benedict.
  • The number of player spec choices is insane!
  • Loot/Gear/Mutators
  • Caldarius Helix Skill Tree preview
  • Rath Helix Skill Tree preview
  • Battleborn Beta is a Closed Technical Test

Intel update:


You can collect loot/gear throughout the game but as you level up your character you can unlock mutations. These add different choices to your Helix Skill Tree. Where you normally would have 10 levels with each 2 choices, you now can get 5 alternate skills. On some levels, you now don’t have 2 but 3 skills to choose from.

Marquis Skin

During the presentation, there is one slide that has two different outfits for Marquis.

Battleborn Marquis Skin
Battleborn Marquis Skin
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