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Battleborn Badass by Numbers

So i just wrote an article about how much Battleborn has to offer with just the single player. Well the  math wizards over at Gearbox had a little spare time and gone berzerk on crunching the numbers as there are a lot of possibilities.

Battleborn Heroes

So there are 25 Playable heroes, each Battleborn has 10 levels in his/her Helix skill tree. With each level you have the option to choose from 2 skills. This gives you a total of 1024 ways to play each base hero.

Level up

As you rank up your character you can unlock mutators  these grant your hero  5 alternate skills. If we factor these into account then we get up to 7776 ways to play each fully ranked up hero. If you had a single 30 minute play session for each combination, you will need to play Battleborn non-stop for 162 days to encounter all of them.

Team up

Battleborn features 5 player co-op and with 25 heroes this will result into 6.375.600 team combinations for the Story Mode. If we multiply that with the 7776 ways to play each hero you get 49.576.665.600 unique combinations that you can encounter in the story mode. If all the people on earth would jump into a  session  in the game, they can potentially all have a unique setup.

Exploding Head Game

Well if we go over to Multiplayer (PvP) you have a 5 versus 5 scenario. This potential combinations there are just mindblowing. According to the math wizards there are more combinations possible in multiplayer than stars in the universe.

Battleborn Marquis Mindblown


  • Xyceres

    6.375.600 possible team combinations assumes that the order you pick your heroes is important. Removing order from the consideration leave only 53,130 combinations

    • Yeah the match is shown in the trailer. but it like 25x25x25x25x25

      • Xyceres

        It’s 25x24x23x22x21 and it would be right if the order the heroes are chosen in mattered.

  • Kristopher Holmberg

    People do understand that “not identical” and “different” aren’t the same thing right?

    I’d be interested if people decided to do meaningful math — but that’s not what they did.

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