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Battleborn Cooperative Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough

Battleborn Cooperative Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough

This is the first Cooperative Gameplay Demonstration of Battleborn. This presentation is designed to give an overview of Gearbox Software’s newest IP. Andrew Goldfarb (Content Editor at Gearbox Software) interviews Randy Varnell (Creative Director on Battleborn) and Aaron Linde (Writer on Battleborn) about the Battleborn. We get to see Battleborn heroes in action, the mechanics of the game, and a glimpse of what you can expect from the Story Campaign.

Introducing the Heroes

In this walkthrough, we were introduced to Montana the man mountain with a mini-gun, Thorn the elf with the bow & arrows, Oscar Mike the modern soldier, Rath the vampire samurai, and Miko the mushroom with kunai.

These heroes don’t only look unique but they each also have their own unique abilities that you can level up. Every time you level up, you get to choose between two upgrades. Your ultimate ability needs to be unlocked by leveling up.

There is an interesting mix of heroes and abilities in this presentation. I love the Minion Robotics design and the Varelsi seem like a great nemisis.


Battleborn Updates

Some changes have been made during the development of Battleborn. Therefore, some of the info in the presentation is no longer accurate but still interesting to see.

  • This map is not in the final game.
  • Team health bars don’t show up in the final game.
  • Mellka’s Voice actor changed.
  • The Helix skill tree now goes to level 10 instead of 15 as shown in the video.
  • You unlock your ultimate ability at level 5 instead of 7.
  • Oscar Mike now has a cloaking ability instead of 2 different grenade types.
  • Oscar Mike’s first and last shot no longer deals 300% damage.
  • Montana’s ultimate ability is no longer a jump but just a ground smash.
  • Thorn no longer summons a wolf companion as her ultimate ability.
  • Turrets now have offensive and defensive variations. The footage shows a turret, healing station, and minion spawner.

The idea of fighting over the last scraps and resource gathering seemed more important in this demo. I loved how the Varelsi are set up as this mysterious enemy, in the final game they are just inserted as a different enemy type. I would have loved to see Wolf as this returning villain in multiple scenarios, where have multiple encounters with the Spiderbot before being able to eliminate them for good. The gameplay change were for the better but there are some interesting things shown in the presentation.

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