Battleborn Creative Director will Play a “Significant Role” for Borderlands 3

Battleborn Creative Director Joins Borderlands
Battleborn Creative Director Joins Borderlands

Update: 01/26/2018

During episode 9 of the Nerdvana Live podcast it was mentioned that Randy Varnell is a senior producer and he is responsabel for narrative direction. Randy Pitchford and Randy Varnell talk a bit about the job and what it takes to become a writer for Gearbox Software. If you checked out episode 10 of the Nerdvana Live Podcast one of the writers of Gearbox Software mentions that Varnell is a great person to have on the narrative team.

Original : 09/19/2017

On the Gearbox Forums the Creative Director of Battleborn, Randy Varnell, announced  that he will be playing a significant role on the highly anticipated but unannounced game from Gearbox Software. This statement was made in the bittersweet letter to the community where he also updated the community about the future of Battleborn. The unannounced game Randy Varnell  is referring to is a nod to the statements  Gearbox President, Randy Pitchford, has been making lately.  At the Pax  West Main Theater Show Pitchford  ensured that the studio was working on the big thing everyone wanted them to work on. He wouldn’t name the title but he was clear that he was talking about the Borderlands franchise. But if we look back at Pitchford’s other public appearances he did confirm that they are working on the next Borderlands.

While it isn’t clear which position Randy Varnell will be taking in this project, he was Design Producer on Borderlands 2 and worked on the challenges  in that game before he moved up as Creative Director on Battleborn.

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