Battleborn Day 2020

Battleborn Day 2020 - Come Hang Out With Your Bros
Battleborn Day 2020 - Come Hang Out With Your Bros

Happy Battleborn Day!

Today is the 4th anniversary of Battleborn! So that’s a good “excuse” to boot up the game and start playing it again. In order to make this occasion special we, the BB Day Organizers, have some treats for you in-store. Like previous years, you can visit the Special Battleborn Day Page and participate in the activities. Sadly, some of the activities we held during previous events won’t return this year, however, we do have a secret surprise coming later this week. And while you are waiting for that, you can collect “hidden” codes for a brand new BRO CERTIFICATE!!! Follow us on social media for clues on those hidden codes.

Battleborn Organizers

Follow these badasses or #BattlebornDay for related activities

Bro Certificate

  1. Visit Battleborn Day Page
  2. Get certified by Oscar Mike by filling out your name and press the “Certify Me Bro!” button.
  3. On the next screen, you can check your name, add Badges, and select a Battleborn Avatar.
  4. You can add 13 badges to your certificate
  5. Press ‘Generate Certificate’ to get your custom Bro Certificate.
  6. Download it and share it with us on social media using #BattlebornDay#BroCertificate

How to get more Badges

  • Follow us or #BattlebornDay on social media (account posted above)
  • Enter secret codes like;” iambattleborn ” on the certificate customization screen
  • Can you collect them all?

Battleborn Stream

Tachyon will stream Battleborn on his channel. He will be live at 7 pm Eastern, so go check it out.

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