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Battleborn Day 3 Event Announcement and Rewards

Battleborn day 3 is coming up this weekend and we once again teamed up with gearbox software and 2K games and we got some surprises instore for you. And in this video i’m going to tell you all about that.

So this weekend starting November 17th we as the community are organizing Battleborn Day and we like you to be part of it. to make this event extra special gearbox software is supplying us with some threats. Because over the weekend there will be a lootpocalypse. This means that there will be increased drop rates and the legendary great pack will be available. There is also a login reward that I advise you to check out because if you boot up Battleborn this weekend you will receive some sweets. As the first item is the sugar rush finisher. This replaces the player kill beam with a new visual effect. candy will drop from the sky as you manage to kill enemy Battleborn, so if you haven’t fueled up on gummy bears yet, this is your chance to make a sweet impression. Next up is a Magnus loot pack. These loot packs will give you some nice gear with guaranteed flair on them. Also, you will get a skin or taunt in this pack that might just be a premium skin or taunt. And if you are looking forward to increasing your skin collection then you can add these.

And if can not get enough off skins and taunts then there are some discounts in the Battleborn marketplace. If you want to know my top 10 favorite skins then check out the video, but I suggest checking out the Borderlands skins as they are really awesome. Everyone will also be getting a Double XP booster to grind some levels and you can do this with various streamers as they will be broadcasting the game. So go team up with them and enjoy the game. Here is a link to the Battleborn Day thread on the gbx forums which will contain further updates.

With that, I’ll like to thank you Gearbox for supporting this event. Do me a favor and let them know in the comments how awesome they are. Thank you!

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