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Battleborn Day 5 Community Event Announcement

On May 17th, 2019, we will kick off the fifth edition of Battleborn day. In celebration of the 3rd anniversary, we organized this community event. So during the whole weekend, you can hop into the game with us and get some fun games going.  Besides playing the game you can also participate in various activities.
Battleborn Day 5 Announcement
Battleborn Day 5 Announcement


Here is a quick overview of all the activities during the Battleborn celebration weekend. If you are interested to learn more about a specific activity then click the links for the extended description.

Special Event Website

Like last year we have a Special Event Website made by lowlines. Here you can also find all the links to the activities, get an overview of the submissions, track progress on the loot hunt, and unlock cool stuff,

Art Contest

Participate in the #art4solus Art Contest and you have a chance at winning a Battleborn Lithograph. The art contest is open for everyone and the theme for this year is: “Holiday at the end of the world”. Check the thread for all details.

Loot Hunt

Sign up for the Loot Hunt, collect as many legendary pieces of gear during the celebration weekend, and get the highest score. Can you claim the number 1 spot, then you earn yourself a Battleborn lithograph? Use #loothunt

MINREC Snapshot Contest

Are you ready to make some sacrifices to the mighty MINREC? Then Follow @MINREC_Magnus and join the MINREC Snapshot Contest on Twitter and tweet your robot screenshots at him using the hashtag #FeedMINREC to submit your contest entry. Submit your best in-game photo of any Minion Robotics robot! Can be any robot in any game mode or map, PvP or PvE.

Lore Quiz

Test your Battleborn knowledge by participating in Benedict’s Lore Quiz. Are you able to answer all the questions in the least amount of time, then you will get all the fame and glory.

Bro Certificate

There is a new Bro Certificate this year. You can redeem yours during the celebration weekend. But don’t be too fast because like last year you will be able to collect badges to customize your certificate. By earning badges, you might unlock a little something-something.

Gearbox Software Support

Gearbox Software is once again supporting Battleborn and will have something special for everyone who logs into the game during this celebration weekend. The fun begins Friday at 2pm PT/5pm ET and runs until Monday, May 20th at 8am PT/11am ET! Here’s what to expect during Battleborn Day!

  • Lootpocalypse
    • Boss Drop Rate Adjustment: 50% (Normal) 75% (Advanced)
    • Champion and Elite enemy drop rate adjustment
    • Champions drop all gear rarities and Elites drop more uncommons
    • All enemies and bosses drop more higher rarity Gear
  • Increased chance of getting Gear with Flair from Faction, Core, Magnus, and Legendary loot packs.
  • Legendary Loot Packs available for purchase
  • Login Rewards
    • 1 Fireworks Finisher
    • 1 Loot Boost
    • 1 Double XP Boost
    • 1 Magnus Loot Pack
  • Login reward skins:
    • Gold Skin: El Dragon El Capitán
    • Cyber Skin: Ambra Dark Star
    • Cyber Skin: Boldur Black Dwarf
    • Cyber Skin: Deande Blacksite
    • Cyber Skin: Ghalt Captain’s Prerogative
    • Cyber Skin: Marquis Titanium Tyrant
    • Cyber Skin: Montana Sasquatch
    • Cyber Skin: Reyna Admiral of the Black
  • Skins and Taunts sale – 25% Off
  • All characters on Free Rotation


For the latest updates or if you have any questions, you can find me on twitter. If you have art/quiz questions you can reach out to Beya. When you have questions about the loot hunt you can check in with lowlines.

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