Battleborn Double Credits Event



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Double Credits and Chaos Rumble Event Coming to Battleborn

Battleborn Double Credits Event

As is the norm with character releases, Chaos Rumble will be returning next week. It will run from 8am PT (11am ET) on Thursday, January 19th until 8am PT (11am ET) on Monday, January 23rd. For the uninitiated, Chaos Rumble is a special game mode in which character uniqueness is turned off. This means that you can play any character you want, even if a teammate has already chosen them. It also means that in many ways, balance isn’t what it normally is, so just jump in, have fun, and enjoy the chaos! Also during this event you’ll be earning double credits.  So are you looking to stack some credits for some loot packs or do you want to unlock one of the additional Battleborn heroes? Well you are in luck, do you want to maximize your credits you might want to save them for a possible lootpocalypse event or maybe you need those credit to unlock Beatrix!

  • STARTS: Thursday, January 19th at 8am PT (11am ET)
  • ENDS: Monday, January 23rd at 8am PT (11am ET)

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