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Battleborn E3 2015 Trailer

Battleborn - For Every Kind of Badass E3 2015 Trailer

For Every Kind of Badass

We finally got a Badass Battleborn Trailer after they have been teasing us with little puzzle pieces on social media for 2 weeks. This new footage of Battleborn shows of some familiar faces like; Thorn, Oscar Mike, Miko, Rath, and Montana. But also some newcomers are brought to our attention, and they look… BADASS!

Another thing to point out is that we see some different enemies in this trailer. The Battleborn Reveal trailer and the First Battleborn Gameplay Footage showed off the Minions and Droid army produced by the LLC.

If you want to hear my deep dive on this E3 Trailer, then check out my complete trailer analysis.

Battleborn Overview

Battleborn features 25 unique playable heroes, each with their own unique skills and abilities. The game is scheduled for this winter on PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC.

Story Mode

The game contains a Story Mode where you have to save the last star in the universe from a mysterious evil hell-bent on its destruction. Battleborn can be enjoyed Solo or co-operatively. Splitscreen goes up to 2 players while online co-op lets you play with four friends.

Gearbox said the story is modular, which “allows players to replay missions for the chance to earn better loot.” During your playtime you level up the individual heroes’ Character Rank, as well as your own player profile Command Rank and unlock badges, loot, and other perks.


Battleborn features also a competitive multiplayer experience where you can play 5vs5  across 3 different modes.


Incursion is the 5v5 MOBA-like mode. With the Minions on your side, you need to destroy the opponent’s base. Be warned you are not the only team with AI Minions.


This is the King of the Hill mode. You need to capture and control certain points on the map.

Update: Devastation has been renamed to Capture.


In Meltdown, you have to help your fellow Minions across the map as you find yourself in the middle of a firefight.

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