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Battleborn Future Content [UPDATE]


Earlier I reported on the upcoming downloadable content for Battleborn. Here it became clear that some additional content would be free for everyone. These free updates expand the amount heroes and playable multiplayer maps without making the PvP mode a “Pay-2-Win” model. There will also be some other content that will be behind a small paywall.  One of these types of content are the 5 Story Operations which you can buy separately or as a bundle with the season pass.

This all sounds fun but the big question is when will we see these goodies coming our way? Well 2K Games have set up somewhat of a timeline when we can expect new additional content coming our way. Although try to be transparent about this stuff please keep in mind that game development is a flood process. The content ahead is still in development and the timeline is an estimation of when it will be done. So it is possible that something might get pushed back a bit.

Here is a preview of what future content is coming to Battleborn:


  • 5 more heroes, bringing the total to 30
    • Alani – released May 31st, 2016
    • Pendles – released August 4th
    • Ernest – released September 1st
    • Kid Ultra – coming this Fall
    • Battleborn #30 – coming this Winter ( Maybe it will be the famous Empress Lenore? )
  • Three new PVP Maps are out now one for each mode: Monuments (Incursion), Outskirts (Meltdown), and Snowblind (Capture). A sneak peek was shown during the “Inside Gearbox” Panel at Pax, but preview videos are now up on the multiplayer pages.
  • Broadcaster Mode is now available in private matches.
    • Broadcaster mode will allow you to spectate the battlefield using a set of third-person camera controls to follow players on either team, jump to points of interest, or to move freely around the battlefield in Private Versus Matches. This potentially could boost Battleborn eSports / Tournaments.
  • In-game Reporting, was added with the July patch
    • In the interest of making it easier to report players who are trying to ruin the fun for everyone, we’ve created an in-game reporting function that will be accessible through the scoreboard and allow you to flag players who are suspected of cheating, abandoning games, or ruining the overall experience. Randy Varnell already mentioned that they are working on anti-cheat measurements and are tracking those people.
  • Matchmaking Adjustments: Ongoing
    • We regularly adjust and tweak matchmaking parameters in order to keep improving the matchmaking process. In fact, we’ll be testing out an overhaul to the matchmaking system.
  • Hero Balancing: Ongoing process that is adjusted during the weekly hotfixes.
    • As we gather data from matches and missions, we’ll continue to adjust and refine hero balance in the game. You can expect a bigger adjustment to 24 of the 26 characters likely coming in the next couple of weeks.
  • Lore Challenges: Fixed in the July patch
    • We are working on adjustments to lore requirements as well as how those requirements are tracked. The Lore challenge that asks you to  ‘kill Ambra’ gets a major reduction of requirements from 25 to 5 and assists will also count.
  • 2 New PVP modes this Fall and/or Winter. One of these will be faster-paced, but more complex than Capture. Gearbox would love to make a horde mode but it’s not confirmed at this point. Deathmatch is probably not going to be one of them as some heroes are not designed for that.


Premium DLC content includes DLC packs 1 through 5, each with a playable Story Operation and unlockable skins and taunts, as well as early access to heroes 26 through 30 with the use of a hero key. New missions are shorter and have twists on existing mission types. The Story Operations are more lore-focused, an example would be Reyna and the Rogues.

Premium DLC Timeline:

  • Heroes 28 – 30 early access, each with a hero key, coming Mid-Summer through the Fall
  • New, unlockable skins and taunts with each DLC Story Operation release. These will not become available in the marketplace.
  • DLC 1 Story Operation “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” coming October 13
  • DLC 2 Story Operation “Toby’s Friendship Raid” – coming this Fall
  • DLC 3 Story Operation coming later this Winter
  • DLC 4 Story Operation coming later this Winter
  • DLC 5 Story Operation coming later this Winter

Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion

The first DLC Story Operation features Attikus and his twisted recount of the thrall rebellion he led to overthrow his Jennerit oppressors. Each DLC Story Operation is a highly-replayable scenario featuring one of Battleborn’s heroes. Each time you play through an Operation, the story, enemies, and objectives will change, increasing the difficulty but also the rewarded loot.


The Battleborn marketplace offers you the option to use your earned in-game credits to buy various stuff. Recently there is a new premium currency called platinum. This can be purchased through the PlayStation Store, the Xbox Store, or through Steam Wallet in-game. Platinum allows you to buy some additional stuff that won’t impact the PvP balance. There are currently no plans to make platinum an in-game drop or grind-able.

Skins are not considered canon. When developing Battleborn Gearbox wanted to make the game its own thing, therefore, they excluded everything Borderlands related. But they could do Borderlands Skins.

Purchasable with Earned Credits right now

  • Loot Packs
  • New heroes
  • Additional bank pages
  • Additional Loadouts

Purchasable with Platinum right now

  • 25 Premium Skins
  • 8 Premium Taunts
  • Additional bank pages
  • Additional Loadouts
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