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Battleborn Gameplay from Gamescom

Battleborn Hero Art
Battleborn Hero Art

If you did or didn’t read my hands on preview about Battleborn  on some of the  new details about Battleborn. But if you want to hear the latest stuff from Gearbox & 2K themselves here are some great interviews from Gamescom 2015.

  • Randy “Hyper Mode” Pitchford – real fun to watch
  • Less hyper but more gameplay
  • Quick Overview


Battleborn Preview at Gamescom 2015

Battleborn Gameplay from Gamescom

Randy Pitchford is HYPED as he talks about Battleborn  at the Twitch stream. Battleborn isn’t Free 2 Play and there will be DLC. Battleborn will be coming to PC & Consoles. Gearbox is back with a PvP (Multiplayer) mode after their experience with Halo and Half-life. During their talk they show of little glimpses of new footage and Randy also talks about a Multiplayer modes they hope to add to the game. As Randy goes even further in  Hyper Mode he goes over the new characters and their abilities.

New Battleborn  Gameplay at Gamescom 2015

Battleborn New Character Footage - IGN Live: Gamescom 2015

Randy Pitchford sits down with IGN on day 2 of  Gamescom for an interview about the latest Battleborn updates. During their talk we first see some footage from the gamescom trailer  and the cooperative gameplay demonstration. But after they discussed the story and show some gameplay footage of blizz, they continue to talk about the 2D effects and there is the new gameplay footage of the game.  First up we see new environments of the planet Ekkunar, there is the dessert area and a jungle area. After this we see the new 4 Battleborn heroes in action. Randy also mentions that the heroes won’t be getting new weapons but will be able to get loot in the form of Gear.

Battleborn Interview

Battleborn Gameplay Interview With Gearbox

An quick interview with Melissa at Gamescom going over what’s new.

  • Description of the 4 new Battleborn heroes.
  • Description of the new locations.
  • Description of the new loot system
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