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Media gets first Hands-on with Battleborn


Several Media outlets and influencers got the chance to play Battleborn. They were flown out to Santa Monica for an exclusive gameplay demo ahead of the big E3 reveal. Since the NDAs of these outlets expired I’m seeing multiple hands-on previews hitting the web and I’m combining them in this one article.

The attendees got to play a shortened version of the mission Void’s Edge from the Story Campaign where they had to fight back against Rendain’s assault on the U.P.R.-controlled planet called Bliss. During their gameplay session, they were able to choose from the first 10 announced Battleborn Characters. Here is an overview of their impressions:

PlayStation Access Interviews Creative Director, Randy Varnell

Battleborn on PS4: What the Makers of Borderlands Did Next

Gamespot’s 1st Battleborn Preview

Gearbox's Latest Shooter: Battleborn

Resero: Heroes of Battleborn Part 1

Phoebe, Oscar Mike, Rath, Thorn, and Orendi

The Heroes of Battleborn Pt. 1 - Phoebe, Oscar Mike, Rath, Thorn & Orendi

Resero: Heroes of Battleborn Part 2

Marquis, Caldarius, Miko, Montana, and Boldur

The Heroes of Battleborn Pt. 2 - Marquis, Caldarius, Miko, Montana & Boldur

ZiggyD: Battleborn Impression & Interviews

BATTLEBORN: Gearbox's New Team FPS Hands-on Gameplay 1st Impressions & Dev Interviews (PC Gameplay)

Battleborn Written Impressions

  • Polygon – “This game has a hell of a lot going on.”
  • Engadget – “Battleborn is a delicious mix of old-school arcade spirit and Gearbox’s beloved Borderlands role-playing games.”
  • The Escapist  – “The action of the gameplay was fantastic, with enemies rushing in from all sides, and your team of heroes either laughing at their futile attempts or scrambling desperately to revive fallen comrades while staying alive themselves …the surprising dynamism of combat really truly worked …it just felt fun and interesting.”
  • IGN – “In the span of a single 20-minute mission, Battleborn cemented the playful tone of its world, and the fantastic variety of its cast of incredibly different weirdo characters in a really impressive way.”

Battleborn Screenshots

Here are a bunch of newly released Battleborn Screenshots.

Battleborn Screenshots E3 2015
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