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Battleborn Live Stream – October patch

Thursday 29 September Gearbox Software did one of their live streams again and this days topic was the upcoming October Patch.  Like mentioned during the beginning of the stream some of the info was reported earlier on this website. While some of those things weren’t  set in stone back then, it looks like a lot of that is coming to the game. Joe (Community Manager), Randy Varnell (Creative Director) & Grant Kao (Balance Designer) give some additional info and add context why these changes  changes are made. Here are some of the changes that are coming on October 13 :

General Changes

  • Removed collision with allied players!  Walk and shoot through your teammates.
  • Minions now become stronger (damage and health) every 120 sec. after the match begins (Incursion & Meltdown).
  • Area of Effect (AoE) Damage over time decreased for all characters exept Orendi as she will be the AoE focused hero.

Character Changes


  •  Lumberjack Dash no longer stuns Battleborn when knocked into other battleborn.


  • UPR-SM23 Rocket Launcher rockets no longer deal critical hits.


  • Reduced the area of effect of UPR-G73 Grenade Launchers grenades by 10%

Oscar Mike

  • Reduced damage & duration of Fraggcendairy grenades


  • Changed the name of a thing

Whiskey Foxtrot

  • UPR-SL3 Tactical Rifle now continuously fires burst when holding down primary attack button.
  • Reduced duration increased damage of napalm…


  • Increased the accuracy Thorn’s bow, Kreshek. +/- 33% increased.
  • Reduced the time required to charge arrows with nature’s curse by .25 seconds.
  • Blight changes.


  • Boldurdash changes (lots of ’em !)
  • increased cooldown of runes of power
  • dwarven constitution changes

Shayne & Aurox

  • Receive 20% damage reduction while shield is active
  • stealth strike changes
  • increased damage of Aura of Annoyance by 34%
  • Increased duration of Don’t Stop Running by 167%


  • Increased health by 300
  • Increased Health Regen of Last Light augment by 425%


  • Reduced the duration of the Slow applied by Lockdown
  • Increased explosion radius of Plasma Burst


  • Increased duration of Sublimate stuns (back to 2 seconds)


  • Scraptraps slow enemies for 2 sec. instead of stunning them.
  • Increased damage of UPR M8-R Revolver Shotgun by 15%
  • Reduced damage of quick melee attack by 20%


  • Increased base health by 200
  • Reduced cooldown of blade Rush by 15%
  • Silence from preparation now applies on any primary five virtues melee hits

El Dragón

  • Reduced base health by 138
  • Cybernetic Arm changes
  • En Fuego changes
  • Splash Damage changes


  • Increased base health by 200
  • Dreadwind changes, shorter duration.


  • Can no longer use Gravitic Manipulators while slowed
  • Flashbang’s  cooldown is reduced for each enemy hit.


  • Increased bade health by 250
  • Increased duration the element of surprise by 66%

REMINDER: These are not all the changes coming to Battleborn the full  patch notes will be posted alongside the upcoming Battleplan. Once published the patch notes will also be available here on the site.

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