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Why Gearbox Software is making Battleborn and NOT Borderlands 3

Why Gearbox Is Making Battleborn And Not Borderlands 3

Battleborn versus Borderlands 3

Why is Gearbox Software making Battleborn instead of Borderlands 3? After the success the studio had with the Borderlands franchise a follow-up would be a no-brainer. The team delivered a big step up with Borderlands 2 in comparison with the original Borderlands. Borderlands 3 could launch on the next generation of consoles (Playstation 4 & Xbox One) and this would give the development team a lot more space to work with. If Gearbox would push the boundaries of Borderlands again, what would a bigger more badass Borderlands be? The development team had no immediate answer to this question, however, they did wonder if they could be creative and invent something new again.

Creating New Franchises

The Gearbox Software development team started working on new ideas and made working prototypes by reusing Borderlands assets. While the Borderlands franchise could have helped sell the game (Battleborn), however, the restrictions from that universe were holding back the creative process of the game. Therefore a whole new IP needed to be created to back up the vision they had in mind. Getting the team together they brainstormed for 3 months to come up with the idea behind Battleborn, the last star in the universe.

If you are gonna to bet on the future, you gonna bet on new

Randy Pitchford

One of the other things that comes up in the video documentary, the biggest franchises in video gaming today were not present 2 generations ago. For example, Assassin’s Creed wasn’t even possible on the original Xbox and PS2. Call of Duty was on those consoles but the franchise skyrocketed on the Xbox360 and PS3.

In the history of video games, launching a new franchise has the most potential to succeed during the early days of a console’s life cycle. Gamers are more likely to buy a new game during that period. As there aren’t a lot of games during the launch window, these games can get enough momentum to skyrocket. That just could be one of the reasons why Battleborn is the card to play.

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