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Gearbox Software Reveals Their Hero Shooter; Battleborn

Battleborn - Official Reveal Trailer

Gearbox Software announced their newest game, Battleborn. This stylized trailer tells the story of an epic battle in a dying universe. These wide-range of heroes all gathered around the last star and are fighting for survival.

Battleborn Reveal Trailer Breakdown

The Battleborn reveal trailer initially starts by giving you the impression of a peaceful environment as a cute little bug flies around. However, as the little bug sits down, the once peaceful moment gets interrupted and the bug gets saved in the nick of time by Thorn.

Thorn is an elf from the Eldrid faction. They are the pro-nature faction that wants to preserve the natural way of life. However, Thorn is being chased by an army of minion robots. As she falls due to an explosion, the gentleman sniper Marquis comes by to help her out.

Soon we discover that there is a large-scale battle taking place and one after the other Battleborn heroes pop up. First, we see Miko, the walking mushroom, in the background and later we see him throw his head. Next to them, we see the space marine Oscar Mike make an appearance and shoot a frag.

Then Phoebe, the female sword wielder, shows up from behind the hill and showcases her exceptional skills. After this somewhat magic show, it’s time for some brute action as Montana takes aim with his big badass mini-gun (or is it a maxi-gun). As Montana shoots towards the enemies in the distance we also see a bigger Spiderbot. But as the little minion robots get close, Rath takes them out with his blades.

Battleborn just showcased a wide range of characters each with their own unique playstyle. But as the camera takes flight from the battlefield and flies into space we see one planet after the other explode. As this epic battle takes place the different heroes fight out the end of days on one of the last planets in a dying universe.


So what do we have:

  • A dying universe
  • A wide range of characters
  • A stylish game
  • A mix of 2D anime effects blended with 3D effects 
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