Battleborn Origin Story on Nerdvana Live

Ever wanted to hear how Battleborn was conceived? Randy Pitchford and Randy Varnell talk about the early origins of Battleborn

During Episode 9 of the Nerdvana Live Podcast Randy Pitchford (President of Gearbox Software)  and Randy Varnell (Creative Director on Battleborn) talk about the origin story of Battleborn. The early idea of the game came from the new moba games that entered the gaming scene. This idea first manifested itself in the Brothers in Arms franchise. However the direction the game was going didn’t fit with the realistic franchise. While Brothers in Arms furious four was presented to the audience it eventually resulted in a departure between Gearbox Software and Ubisoft. The project kept evolving and turned into the Battleborn franchise as we know today. The only character that survived this whole transition is Montana, who can be seen in the Furious Four trailer.

Brothers in Arms: Furious Four Debut Trailer

Randy Pitchford says during the Nerdvana Live Podcast that you should to play to your strengths. One of those strengths for Gearbox is character design. But while they had a wide range of characters they did need a universe that allowed for them to be in one place. Having the actual universe dying and all the remaining species travel from all over the galaxy to the last star allowed for that. The slogan “For every kind of badass” came from this wide range of characters as there is a hero for everyone as they hit a lot of different type of characters.

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