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Battleborn Pax West 2016 Panel

During the “Inside Gearbox Panel” at Pax West 2016, Gearbox Software showed off the upcoming story operation (DLC) “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” for Battleborn. The Creative Director and one of the Producers of Battleborn talk us through a small segment of this mission.

Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion downloadable content is going to be released on Oct 13th, 2016. Also, the team talks a bit about the next free DLC hero, Kid Ultra, who he is, and where he comes from.

Panel Hosts

  • Erika – Host, PR & Marketing
  • Chris – Producer
  • Randy – Creative Director

Panel Highlights

  • Operation points are a new scoring system that makes the reward tiers higher as you complete missions more – while also increasing more of the enemy spawn difficulties.
  • DLC are different chapters of a story mission – each operation is referred to as a “season” with the various different parts being episodes depending on operation points.
  • DLC will be broken into Main and sub-objectives – such as starting the rebellion and summoning more Battleborn (main) sub-objectives also earn Operation points (build turrets, destroy turrets, kill x number of thralls, etc)
  • Each time you can earn 50 Ops points and get more rewards loot-wise at the end. Each 50 ops points earn you a new skin for the Battleborn you play.
  • There are even more skins at 85 operation points which require a second playthrough at least.
  • Kid Ultra is a Magnus stuck in a comic book-themed mindset.
  • He was called Sidekick in development.
  • His passive causes him to do bonus damage if he is the second to hit someone.
  • OSCAR MIKE’s Battleschool, Montana and the Demonic Bear, The Heart of Ekkunar (featuring Phoebe) are the other story operations.
9CKJT-XWX6F-K5KTZ-X5RJT-B3H5B10.000 credits + 6 loot packs
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