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Battleborn “Play With Devs” Event coming back

Play With Devs - Battleborn
Play With Devs - Battleborn

Play with Devs Event #2

Get ready for a V.I.P. Battleborn play session because the “Play with Devs” event is coming back. So next week should be a fun one as on Saturday, September 17th, we get the opportunity to play with some Gearbox Staff Members! In the latest Battleplan, it was announced that Twitch Streamers will be featured during the event. During the course of the event Sizzsars, StealthShampoo, SuperBadJuJu & SylvaCoin will team up with the Gearbox Devs and will be marching off to battle.  You can recognize the Gearbox team by their exclusive Gearbox Dev Title. So get ready for Saturday the 17th to show those devs whose game this is!

Gearbox Developer Title

Just like last time, Gearbox will be giving away a couple of skins. This time they will be for Oscar Mike (“Tango Tango”, Mike’s gold skin) and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (“It’s Collectible Foxtrot!”, Whiskey’s cyber skin). So keep an eye out for those and if you missed them you can find them on my Battleborn SHIFT Code archive. Another cool thing is that when you redeem the code you will also get a Triple XP boost for 24 hours. But hurry up as the SHiFT code will only be valid until 8 am PT on Monday (9/19).

  • Sizzsars: 10AM – 12PM PST
    • Joined by Johnathan Carruthers (QA Analyst)
    • https://www.twitch.tv/sizzsarz
  • StealthShampoo: 12 – 2PM PST
    • Joined by Randy Varnell (Creative Director) & Dante Silva (COG Writer)
    • https://www.twitch.tv/stealthshampoo
  • SuperBadJuJu: 2 – 4PM PST
    • Joined by Nick Wilson (VFX Lead) & Ash Lyons (VFX Artist)
    • https://www.twitch.tv/superbadjuju
  • SylvaCoin: 4 – 6PM PST
    • Joined by Blake Sherer (QA Analyst)
    • https://www.twitch.tv/sylvacoin

Play with Devs Event #1

The first Play with Devs event was held on Saturday, June 25th, here twitch streamers got paired up with some of the Gearbox devs. Check out this overview so you can get an indication of what you can expect for the next event:

  • EdeMonster
    • Joined by Brian Thomas (Design Director) and Sean Ahern (Marketing Artist)
    • twitch.tv/edemonster
  • Ven0mkisser
    • Joined by Lilith Newman (VFX Producer) and Grant Kao (Designer)
    • twitch.tv/ven0mkisser
  • DeeJayKnight
    • Joined by Randy Varnell (Creative Director) and Nicholas Wilson (VFX Lead)
    • twitch.tv/deejayknight
  • Stealth Shampoo
    • Joined by Joe King (Community Manager) and Scott Velasquez (Lead Programmer)
    • twitch.tv/stealthshampoo
  • SuperBadJuJu
    • Joined by Anthony Nicholson (Associate Producer)
    • twitch.tv/superbadjuju
  • Tessachka
    • Joined by Jason Brown (Gameplay Programmer)
    • twitch.tv/tessachka
  • SylvaCoin
    • Joined by Max Davenport (Concept Artist)
    • twitch.tv/sylvacoin
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