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Battleborn Community Questions Podcast

Battleborn Official Reveal Trailer
Battleborn Official Reveal Trailer

Gameinformer wrapped up their big “Month of Battleborn” coverage with a special Q&A Podcast. They asked their community to submit questions about the newly revealed Gearbox Software game, Battleborn. To answer these questions, they invited some prominent developers from the studio.


Battleborn Q&A Podcast

This overview only gives you a quick overview of the information provided in the Battleborn Q&A Podcast. Be sure to check out the full recording as the developers will go in-depth and provide eye-opening explanations, however, they will also talk about things in the game that aren’t directly related to the questions that are listed below.

How are you going to introduce players to a new multiplayer mode like Incursion?

Tutorials to some extent but also with great focused game design by simplifying the choices while still providing a lot of depth and complexity. There is an announcer in PvP that will call out specific events to steer players throughout a match.

Are you worried that players won’t be able to communicate effectively in PvP?

We developed a contextual ping system that lets you quickly do specific callouts to inform other players as voice chat isn’t commonly used across all platforms.

How do you combat online toxicity in a team-based multiplayer game?

It’s always a trade-off but by removing a lot of complexity more folks can jump in and play. Getting to that easy-to-pick-up-and-play by guiding them but hard-to-master if you dive into the complexity.

How different is the experience for melee characters in a gun game?

It is a completely different experience in the way you play. We took a lot of effort to make them feel distinct but also viable and fun to play. We did that with every character, while some have similar weapon types, we made them unique in the way they play and feel.

Do you have a favorite Battleborn character?

Aaron Linde: Oscar Mike, because I love the VO.
Randy Varnell: Phoebe really intrigues me because of her style.

What other modes will there be?

We are only talking about Incursion at this point but there will be a range of multiplayer modes and Incursion is one of the unique ones. (Capture and Meltdown hints).

Will there be an item shop in Battleborn?

Unlike MOBAs, Battleborn will do things a bit differently and make things approachable.

Will the Story Campaign be its own thing or reused multiplayer maps with a narrative to them?

The Story Campaign will have its own story and maps. You can jump in with the same heroes that have the same character growth but the mode will offer a unique experience.

Does each faction have its own unique ending in Battleborn?

We are still working out a lot on how the factions are represented throughout the campaign and the characters interact with each other.

To what depth are the characters reacting to each other?

Every character is going to have a range of things to say to each individual character.

Is Battleborn going to have split-screen?

Yes! Gearbox Software has always a heavy supporter of split-screen play. (Yes 2)

Can I play against bots?

No comment during the interview but on release the answer is yes.

Will there be flamethrowers and explosive fun?

Explosive Fun, Yes! However, none of our announced characters have a flamethrower at this point.

What kind of cosmetics will there be?

Yeah, there will be different skins.

What lessons from Borderlands are being applied to Battleborn?

(You got to listen to the Podcast for this answer)

Will there be DLC for Battleborn?

Given answer “We hope so”, the real answer “YES!”

What misconceptions have you seen?

Those are real screenshots and not concept art.

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