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Battleborn Pre-E3 interviews


Big game websites like IGN, Gamespot, and Polygon also got their hands on Battleborn in addition to last week’s Hands-on Impressions. They were able to interview the developers or 2K representatives about the game. Here are the Battleborn Interviews that I think are noteworthy and offer new insights into the game.

Gearbox explains why they’re making Battleborn

Battleborn Pre-E3 interviews

Steven Gibson – who is the VP of Marketing – tells us why Gearbox Software started making Battleborn and not Borderlands 3. Also, he goes over how different the characters/heroes can be and how it’s easier to create 25 characters instead of four. Steven continues to talk about his favorite characters, these are also the ones that are on my playlist. How MOBA innovated the gaming genre and got into Battleborn. At the end, we get a recap of the story but there is an interesting question that Steven nicely evaded. More riddles for me…

What Makes Battleborn Unique?

Battleborn Pre-E3 interviews

Sarah Rosa – who is an Art Producer – tells about the idea of Battleborn in this interview. How the character roster got influenced by fighting games, how the blend of Pixar meets anime turns out into Battleborn, and more.

Battleborn Gameplay Interview With Randy Varnell (Part 1)

Battleborn Pre-E3 interviews

Randy Varnell – Creative Director of Battleborn – talks about his babies.

Battleborn Gameplay Interview With Randy Varnell (Part 2)

Battleborn Pre-E3 interviews

Randy Varnell – Creative Director of Battleborn – talks about customization, enemies & esports.

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