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Battleborn Free DLC and Season Pass Announced

Battleborn season pass

Battleborn has gone gold yesterday, which means that the game is done and is getting ready to be printed to disk and shipped to retail stores around the world. So not another delay its finally coming. With this celebratory moment 2K unveils there vision on post-launch content strategy for Battleborn.

Free Game Update

As Battleborn is a game that’s all about heroes, Gearbox Software will be developing 5 more playable characters and these will be free.  This will bring the total roster up to 30 heroes. The first new Battleborn hero will be Alani, a Eldrid, she is a healer that has been forced into becoming a warrior. She can control the water element to attack enemies and deal damage or heal up her fellow Battleborn. PS4 players will get instant access to this new hero, other platforms will have to unlock her by simply playing the game. Check out this article on how to unlock all Battleborn heroes. In addition to this stream of free content there will also be coming free multiplayer modes, maps, balance updates, and community features.

Having free heroes will not result in the Pay2Win mentality. Also getting new multiplayer maps for free won’t result in a fractured community where players will be split up. New game modes adds to the value of the game. Having balance updates is always good, but if i combine this with the community features, it kinda sounds like more eSports featured will be added later.

We are committed to supporting Battleborn and its player community after its release. – 2K Games

Battleborn Season Pass

Besides all to the free updates there also will be paid dlc to extend your play time. As development on all the downloadable content hasn’t started yet, concepts for new Story Mode missions are being finalized.  We can expect 5 packs that will contain 1 new story operation and some  exclusive skins & taunts for each pack.

Battleborn season pass packs

These dlc packs will cost $4,99 per piece or you could buy the season pass for $19,99 which results in 5 for the price of 4. You can also pick up the digital deluxe edition of Battleborn which includes the base game, the season pass, and some bonus cosmetic customizations for $74,99 (which saves you $10,-)

In addition to these content packs  the game will also be getting more cosmetic character customizations like skins and taunts. And did you know that skins do also affect the look on some of the skills.

Battleborn will launch on May 3rd and before that there will be a open beta for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

  • Tanfex

    Typo: You can also pick up the >diital< delux edition of Battleborn

  • Barbur

    Do you know how long are going to be story operation from the DLCs?

    • No details have been given out about the actual content of these packs. Although i find it suspicious that they are called “story operations” instead of “story missions”. This could suggest that its something else, or not on par, or not directly connected with the story missions. The relative “low” price point could indicate that they are a bit smaller in size.

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