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Battleborn Season Pass Details

Battleborn season pass
Battleborn season pass

2K Games and Gearbox Software announced a Season Pass for Battleborn back in March 2016. With the season pass you will gain access to the additional content that they have brought to the game. You can pick up the season pass for $19,99 and it will unlock the 5 additional Battleborn heroes and you will get the 5 Story Operations for the price of 4 Story Operations. You can also purchase single expansions from the in-game marketplace.

5 Additional Heroes

Gearbox added 5 new playable characters as post-launch content to the game. Adding 1 new hero to each of the 5 factions. You can unlock these heroes by grinding a lot of in-game currency. With the seasons pass you get instant access to these additional heroes. Now that Battleborn has gone Free-To-Play or if you have been grinding a lot since the release it’s possible that you already unlocked some of these new heroes. When you purchase the season pass you will get your credits back for all the heroes you unlocked.

Battleborn season pass packs

5 Story Operations

The story operations are new playable missions that take place after the missions of the main game. The story operations work a bit differently than the original mission of the game. The story of each operation is being told over the course of 10 playthroughs. You can compare it to a Netflix series, In each playthrough, you will get an episode of the season. So over the course of 10 playthroughs, you will have learned the full story while still getting a satisfying ending and a good chunk of story each time you play a story operation.

Each playthrough is made interesting because the gameplay of each session is being altered by random events that occur throughout the missions. Also, the difficulty scales based on your performance. By completing objectives and challenges your ops points will stack. The more ops points you have, the harder the game will get. You will also get additional ops points by completing a playthrough.

In each story operation you will be able to earn new skins, taunts, and titles.

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