Battleborn: The Last Light Tournament

Battleborn Last Light Tournament
Battleborn Last Light Tournament

The Xbox community is organizing one last tournament for Battleborn. They plan to Livestream all the games and archive the VODs on YouTube. Because Battleborn is shutting down on January 1, 2021, they are planning to go out with a BANG! The point is to have fun, while there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition, they want the end to be something to remembered. If you are joining alone, we heavily advise playing in their weekly 10 man games. This way you can familiarize yourself with everyone and the playstyles. Join the official discord for more information. The rules listed here are subject to change if needed.

Last Light Tournament

  • Open to anyone (Xbox One)
  • Join alone or bring your friends!
  • Teams of 5-7, ideally 4-8 teams total. (The more, the merrier)
  • $300 prize guaranteed (subject to increase), additional open prize pool for second place
  • Free signups are open now through September.
  • League games will be live-streamed on Twitch and archived in all their glory on YouTube.
  • League will begin as soon as all teams are formed.


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  1. Tortitude

    Oooooh I don’t have an xbox but this sounds great 😊

  2. PROJE3T

    Thanks for the post the community appreciate you

  3. CoopDaBoss

    @KaggyFilms Didn’t know that people still played Battleborn. I thought it’s servers died a long time ago.

  4. Vaguetuba4

    @lowlines oh dammit, i wanted to do this

  5. Carmello Johnson

    It says the link is not safe

  6. EdgyMoon5

    Do people still play battleborn?

  7. PROJE3T

    The servers get shut down January 2021 their is weekly 10s every week that people stream on twitch


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