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Who is Ambra ? – Battleborn

Battleborn - Ambra
Battleborn - Ambra

I went frame-by-frame over the E3 2015 Gameplay Demo and found new details about Battleborn but also multiple hidden Battleborn characters that Gearbox Software and 2K Games aren’t talking about. They did tease us with the Cyborg Hawkman again but we now know he is called Benedict. There is an introduction to a new hero called ISIC and he looks interesting but marketing leaves us in the dark for now. Another thing they aren’t talking about is the two Battleborn characters I found in the background and one of them is a brand-new hero.

Hidden Battleborn in the E3 Gameplay

Who is Ambra ? – Battleborn

So if we take a closer look at the segment where we see Benedict fly in the foreground but focus on the background. We see Caldarius flying up and from the looks of it, he appears to perform his ultimate ability as he is getting ready to dive into the enemy with his Aerial Assault.

Then we see Mellka on the ground and she is firing a blaster pistol BUT then there is the new female Battleborn in the footage. I reached out to 2K Games about my findings hoping to receive her name just as they did with Benedict. My efforts paid off as our mystery woman is called Ambra. With this acquired information, I went into speculation mode and started digging on the web.

Ambra’s Mythology


So Ambra is a fossil resin that is the ooze of an ancient tree. Yes, the same stuff that they used in Jurassic Park to get the Dino DNA. However, this name could be a reference so therefore I started digging into Greek mythology and found something about Lampetia (shining) and Phaëtusa (radiance). They were the daughters of the sun god Helios (Sun) and because Battleborn is all about the last star, a sun, this is a nice reference.

But wait, there is more.

The brother of  Phaëtusa is the demigod Phaëton, he desired to ride the solar carriage like his father, Helios, did every day.  One day he took his chance but the horses noticed someone else holding the reins and went wild causing the carriage to get too close to earth. This resulted in the creation of the deserts, but before the earth caught fire supreme god Zeus threw a lightning bolt at Phaëton causing him to fall out of the carriage and to his death. Due to this loss, the two half-sisters Lampetia and Phaëtusa were heartbroken their tears turned into Ambra and they became Poplars (Poplar was the development code name of Battleborn).


But looking at the character design of Ambra I’m getting a more Egyptian vibe. So I went over some of the Mythology and found something about Hathor, she was the ultimate goddess, a paragon of beauty, joy, power, and motherhood. But she is also the protector during birth and regeneration of suns. She was presented with two horns, although the image is kinda small I can imagine there being some horns on the Battleborn character. Between the horns Hathor had an image of a sun, referring to Solus again.

Ambra’s Abilities

I get a bit Pharaoh vibe and looking at Hathor we see some obvious elements. They both hold a scepter and she looks to have something on her head, two horns or is it a creepy mask like Silent Hill? Maybe she will suprise me and do a charge attack diving into the enemy with those horns.

The Scepter isn’t there for good looks it has to have a function so it’s probably a  melee character. The energy beams could be a long-range ability like Rath does. Looking at her shadow it seems like she is floating so maybe she plays a bit like a mixture of Rath & Caldarius having a mixture of short and long-range attacks. 

The red color could indicate that she is part of the Jennerit Empire.

As her ultimate ability, I could imagine a solar flare, creating a large orb of light damaging her opponents. As she seems to float maybe she can get some more air and throw that orb down like Goku does with his spirit bomb in  Dragon Ball Z. One of the things that happens when you look into the sun is that it blinds you, but Caldarius already has a ability called flashbang that blinds your opponents for a brief moment. Should Ambra’s blinding effect last a bit longer?

So what are your thoughts on Ambra?

If I get more intel on Ambra I’ll make sure to update her profile page, until then stay tuned!

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