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Who is Benedict ? – Battleborn

Battleborn - Benedict
Battleborn - Benedict

So this Battleborn has been the center of some discussion, i’m getting feedback from fans that they are eager to play as this character. But what do we know about this hero since we know his name now i thought i would dive a bit deeper into this Battleborn.

Benedict Introduction

Battleborn -  Benedict

So he is described as an Cyborg Hawkman on the official Battleborn website and if you hang out on the GBX forums you might know him by his forum name; CSSSSSST. This name came about when Creative Director Randy Varnell wanted to talk about him, but could’n tell us his name. So Randy started naming unknown characters XXXXXXX. When someone asked how we would pronounce that this suggestion came up and that’s how the name CSSSSSST got stuck on the forums. But if you are on the development team you also know him as RocketHawk. As no official details about Benedict have been given out (as far as i know at this moment), it’s a bit speculation.

During the Trailer we can see that his outfit has gotten a new design. The green colored armor with the star icon on it makes his outfit similar of those of Oscar Mike & Montana. Telling us that Benedict is also a Peacekeeper. The  United Peacekeeping Republic is a collection of civilizations banded together under the banner of mutual protection, freedom, and equality. There home base is set on Blizz.

The name RocketHawk suggest that the big weapon Benedict is holding is capable of shooting rockets.Overall Rocket Launcher are kinda slow but Benedict looks like a mobile character. This could make him good in evading attacks but he needs some more effort on landing those hits. The reward is that rockets are powerful so those hits that land do have an impact. The mobility also extends into the air, a good “trick” with common shooters was to jump and shoot downwards with rocket launchers. This way you could hit your target with the splash damage if you just missed him instead of the rocket passing by and being completely useless. The flying capabilities of Benedict could add to that gameplay mechanic, giving you that freedom to do more frequent damage.

Benedict’s Abilities

As for Benedict’s  abilities we can play around with the rockets, giving them different properties.

Laser guided missiles:

Pin-point a target of a brief moment in order to lock-on to the target and the missile will function as a homing missile and will find it’s way to the target.

Cluster Strike:

If you known the Badaboom from Borderlands 2 you know what i’m onto. Having the ability to shoot a cluster missiles.

Splash Strike:

Another ability that i can see added to Benedict’s arsanal is the buttslam. If you are familiar with Borderlands the Pre-Sequel you know what i’m talking about. You can see Benedict make his entrance in the video as he falls from the sky and slams into the ground. This could creates a shockwave, and leaning on the whole splash damage thing Benedict has going on with the rockets. This could be something for the developers to play with. Maybe down his helix there is a upgrade that adds bonus damage to splash damage, giving you that extra buff to your rockets and the slam. But then again this could be just for good looks because looking at the footage you see Benedict is holding his weapon in his left hand, while in all the other appearances he is holding the launcher in his right hand.

Winged Shield:

As Benedict is looking to be a edgile character i don’t think he will have trouble evading incoming damage. But looking at his cyber enhanced wings it would be cool if he could create a shield in front of him so he can deflect incoming projectiles.

As more details come in i’ll update Benedict’s character profile, but in the meantime what are your thoughts, let me know in the comments below.

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