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Who is Trevor Ghalt ? – Battleborn

Battleborn - Trevor Ghalt
Battleborn - Trevor Ghalt

UPDATE: Trevor Ghalt has officially been announced. You can learn more about him on his profile page. This post was made to speculate about this potential by gathering clues that were left sprinkled by Gearbox & 2K Games.



In the last few days we have been looking over some of the unannounced Battleborn heroes like Ambra & Benedict. But one of the other characters that was hidden in the Battleborn E3 2015 Trailer was a big badass guy with a brown jacket and two badass shotguns.  If you looked at my Analysis video i had pointed him out, but besides that i haven’t seen any  content of him.  But i reached out to the team and one was willing to share his name. It’s Travor Ghalt and with that i had to do for now, so let’s look at the trailer.

Battleborn Trailer Analysis

Starts at the introduction of Ghalt

Battleborn E3 Trailer Analysis Reveals Hidden Heroes

Now you know what Ghalt looks like. We also know that he carries two shotguns as we could see the pellets coming out of his gun during that frozen scene in the trailer. Another fact i learned since then is Ghalt’s development name, papashotgun, confirming the shotgun theory.     So that’s the second half of his dev name but what about his first half. Papa could indicate a father figure on the battlefield, could Ghalt be a supporting class. Could this be another hero that making sure that his team/flock stays save. But how will he do this, looking to the running scene during the trailer Ghalt was up there with Montana, probably the slowest character in the game for now. I expect Ghalt to be a bit faster because of his primary weapon. Shotguns aren’t made for long range skirmishes. So my guess is that Ghalt is a bit faster and looking at his posture a shoulder bash /dash ability would come in handy crossing the environment. Also during  multiplayer would  this be a nifty tool if you encounter other battleborn during the match. Getting into the zone a bit faster and while otherwise you would be a sitting duck.


But going back to the support role, how could other teammates benefit from Ghalt. Miko heals teammates, Reyna can reload/overload shield. Looking back at Ghalt’s dev name i’m thinking of the word papa, this translates into a father, a father is a man, men are tough, SO BE A MAN, crying if for babies so suck it up. Ghalt looks like a badass and as we won’t be hiding under his raincoat, my guess goes to damage reduction. So maybe he throws or fires some kind of stimpack. I can see this as an pick up in the game like the restore health & shield items, so reduced damage could be on there. These reduced damage mechanic could also play into the tank role as we established that Ghalt isn’t a fast mover.


This makes Ghalt a beefy guy to takedown but someone to watch out for as he comes in ranges as shotguns are known for their pointblank damage. But what abilities could Ghalt harness with his weapon of choice.

For you gamers who have played Borderlands 2 or the Pre-Sequel there was a  Legendary shotgun with some devastating abilities. You needed to master it but once you owned it it’s better than fireworks. I’m talking about the Flakker. A  shotgun with a large spread, once shot the pellets would explode after traveling a certain distance dealing massive damage.

Circle of Slaughter
Like i mentioned with other analysis, things are there for a reason. There is a reason why Ghalt is holding two shotguns. If the rate of fire of one shotgun wasn’t good the team would have pumped up the fire rate and made it a automatic shotgun. So what can you do with two shotguns. One thing that comes to my mind is the ability to shoot in multiple directions at once.  Let the character spin around and unleash a  the  full clips at once, shooting all around himself. Although Ghalt isn’t a ballerina there are ways to make this shot cool. This action would probably be performed in 3rd person view. If you watched some of Overwatch you might see a similar move with the Reaper. To change things up what if this spin attack wasn’t with bullets but with flame throwers creating a nice area of effect ability dealing some nice damage over time to your opponents.Helix upgrades could add to range or damage over time.

Halt right there
Don’t forget about the shoulder bash as the third special move. Giving Ghalt a bit of an dash to get some more movement speed on the battlefield. I imagine a bash from a guy this big to add some knock back.But you don’t what your target to fly way back so he isn’t in range of your shotgun. So knocking them down leaving them a bit stunned would give you some time to deal damage.

Fire it up
But let’s don’t dismiss his armor you can see on his shoulders. It extends all the way to the back. I haven’t seen any images of his backside so this is something  were some secrets are found. Maybe there is a whole jetpack behind there giving Ghalt abilities like Montana to jump great distances. A Helix upgrade could add  ‘after burner’ setting all enemies on fire that are on your path.


As Ghalt hasn’t officially been introduced he also  hasn’t been placed inside one of the five factions. So if we have to place him inside one of those i’m going for Rogues. Although my whole papa theory of him being a  father figure. My first impression was him being an outlaw, someone who takes no orders and doesn’t care about the law, a real badass. Other Rogues also have the brownish color pallet going on. Also a shotgun is kinda a rough weapon, if he was a gentleman he would be carrying a sniper rifle like Marquis.

That was my first analysis on Trevor Ghalt but since then there has been some new intel & footage on our ‘Mystery Battleborn‘ . So continue reading on page 2 for new details and speculation.

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