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Who is Mellka? – Battleborn

Battleborn - Mellka Teaser
Battleborn - Mellka Teaser

Welcome to the ‘who is’ article series. With these posts i will take a look at the unannounced battleborn heroes. My goal is to unravel what secrets they hide from us and explore what potential they could harness.

Mellka is not a NPC

This time i will be looking over Mellka, she first was introduced to us in the cooperative gameplay walkthrough. Back then i got the impression that Mellka was a NPC (non playable character). In the demonstration they never said she was an NPC, but with the communication it was presented that way. Then with the release of the E3 trailer i spotted her again during the course of the trailer. This let me to believe Mellka was a playable hero.

Looking at the cooperative gameplay walkthrough we see that the team of battleborn already contained 5 heroes. The story mode is meant for a party up to 5 players. It would be odd to have a 6st playable hero on the battlefield that also is essential too the story. How would a scenario play out if one of the players selected Mellka for that stage?  Blocking certain heroes for several missions would be kinda odd if character choice is your selling point. The only way this could work is if the specific dialogue is done by multiple characters. This way they can always insert one character that’s not part of the current group of players. By adding a random hero as NPC they can change the dialogue a bit, changing the scene up every time you replay a mission. Include this with the battle chatter how each hero response to one and other could add to the replay value. Now the dialogue is randomized and can entertain you over and over again. Having dialogue for 6 heroes would suffice as the party size of the story mode goes up to 5 players. Than there is always a spare character they can insert into the mission.

This could be one of the options to her mystery, it’s a lot of work but it’s possible. Another option i could think of is that Mellka got upgraded from NPC to Battleborn hero. Almost a year has passed since the creation of that presentation. So it could be that the development team prefered her design over another. It won’t be the first time in game development that a character gets swapped for another. Although it’s been mentioned that Gearbox had way more ideas than the 25 characters that are announced for Battleborn. So what would have made been the reason for the upgrade? For now i’m sticking with option 1, an more interactive storytelling.

Mellka a Battleborn

If you are sceptic about Mellka being a playable hero, well Randy Varnell, Creative Director on Battleborn, mentioned Mellka in a tweet. Saying he needed to nerf her because Scott, PR on Battleborn, got too good playing as Mellka.  Randy also said that Mellka has a real different play loop. This statement makes me think about the possibilities and got me looking deeper into my resources.

Quick Shot

So what do we know actually know about Mellka besides the dialogue in the cooperative campaign walkthrough ? Well during the E3 demonstration i did spot her with another battleborn in the background (watch video in this analysis). By looking closely at the footage we see her shoot some kind of blaster pistol. There are two ways to interpret this short footage. One is that Mellka is charging up her shot as you see her pistol glowing. The other one is that it’s not glowing but flashing quickly and that each flash is one shot. From a blaster pistol i would expect that i would also see bolts of plasma flying through the air, and from the looks of it there are non. However we do see the shots impact on one of the enemies, so this would mean Mellka has a pistol with a fast rate of fire.  Could this whole gun thing make Mellka a gunslinger ? We haven’t seen this type of hero yet and there is a good possible that Gearbox would include this class. So how would a gunslinger work in the Battleborn universe?


We already come to the conclusion that the rate of fire of the blaster pistol is kinda fast. I’m expecting somewhere in the range of Caldarius’s  gun, so the damage wouldn’t be very high. As alternative i’m going for the charged up shot. Holding down the secondary fire button would focus the blasters energy. The longer you wait the more powerful it gets. Having that risk / reward mechanic. Each charge shot has an maximum of 5 sec charge. As an helix skill you could extend the charge up to 10. Creating an even bigger energy bolt and dealing more damage. And yes i want to see a big plasma bolt fly through the air.

Double up

Well as an gunslinger you want to have two guns right? Doubling the rate of fire for twice as much damage. Although i haven’t seen any indication yet that would suggest this. Looking over Mellka’s design it’s not like she has a second holster for another pistol. But if you read on there is some evidence explaining why there is no second gun.

Attach This

Looking at the design of Mellka’s blaster pistol it has some attachment underneath. Could this be for my charge up shot or will this  barrel have some unique abilities ?  One of the most common barrel attachment is the one for frags. Time will tell.

Force of nature

Battleborn Mellka Mutated Arm

Battleborn Mellka Mutated Arm

First i thought Mellka could be a bit rogue but a recent discovery makes me think otherwise. By looking closely at the trailers i spotted that something was up with Mellka’s other arm.  Her fingers looked a bit like a claw. So i went over the footage frame by frame and then i saw it. Mellka’s arm has something natural like growing on it, it looks kinda mutated. Could this mean Mellka is an Eldrid and she harnesses some Eldrid magic ? Before you go rogue on me and say “Eldrid don’t have guns”. I must say  that the current known Eldrid heroes indeed have primitive weaponry at the moment. But that doesn’t mean they can’t use firearms.

  1.  Mellka has pointy ears.
  2.  Maybe those pointy ears don’t indicate that Mellka is a elf but more of a Goblin type.
  3. Your weapon doesn’t tell what you believe in. Remember Battleborn come from all over the universe they all aren’t born on the same  planet. It would be possible that an outsider got infused with some eldrid magic and therefore is now from two world so to speak.


New Roots

What potential powers comes along with this Eldrid infusion ? Looking at some of the other footage i spotted something that looks like an energy sword. This could indicate some enhanced melee features. Mellka seems to be the quick on her feet type, could see play a bit like Caldarius ? Although Caldarius can fly and it seems Mellka won’t have that ability. I  can make a weird twist here, as Caldarius takes the sky, Mellka could go underground (Goblin?). Go with me here. Before i first found out about her arm, i thought Mellka would be someone with a portable transporter. Back then i thought she would be a rogue. The shapes on her arm looks like roots from a tree climbing onto her arm. If she was able to slam on the ground, extended those roots and dig through the ground. When reaching the other side the roots will shrink and pull her underground  travel to the new location. It’s like an underground hookshot (the legend of Zelda). Yup it’s a weird one and would leave you vulnerable for a brief moment. But there comes the risk/reward gameplay, or did you forget about that energy blade ?

Extended Roots

Having an arm that can change into different shapes opens up a lot of possibilities. In the previous example we used it for traveling, but we also need some damaging abilities. I could go Battletoads on here creating a gaint mutatedfist punching the crap out of your opponent. But i’ll get back the my happy tree vibe. So let’s slam those roots into the ground as they pop-up a few feet further. These spikes will slam your opponent up into the air and deal massive damage. For a helix upgrade we could add extra spikes popping up along the path while executing this ability. But beware you will also have a risk/reward feature here as you have to stand still while executing this ability. Mellka might be fast and packs an punch but are you willing to take that risk.

Sting like a bee
Battleborn Mellka Hidden Blade

Battleborn Mellka Hidden Blade

Coming back to the energy blade this ability could not just function for melee, it might also work as a projectile.  Firing a harpoon that stuns your enemies giving you the ability to land that  critical hit. This kinda reflects back to Caldarius’s playstyle, using the flashbang to blind your opponent to get in close for the powerful melee attack. Through the helix system this ability could be enhanced with more projectiles or a bigger radius.

Do these theories make any sense to you, do you think will result in the different play loop ? Or should Mellka  just travel by fairydust ? Well let me know your thoughts are on Miss Mutantfist,   cheerse!

Mellka’s Profile page

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