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Who is Whiskey Foxtrot ? – Battleborn

Battleborn - Whiskey Foxtrot
Battleborn - Whiskey Foxtrot
Update 02/25/16

Whiskey Foxtrot just got announced together with Kelvin & Shayne.  It seems i was way off and was overthinking it. The  obvious clue was  right in-front of us. The piece of gear was part of the Rogue faction and  so is Whiskey  Foxtrot. I updated Whiskey Foxtrot’s Profile Page and thereby this speculation article comes to an end.

Update 02/03/16

The unknown hero in the original article just got announced. He is a She and she is Galilea. The Analysis on her being an Peacekeeper was right. Her skill set is more awesome then any one mine suggestions. So check out Galilea’s Profile Page for more info on her.That leaves us with the piece of gear referring to Whiskey Foxtrot. The quote points me in the direction of the LLC but the piece of gear is assigned to the rogue faction.

Original Article

I received a tip by Wade to check out the new hero  profile pages on battleborn.com.  It’s great to have you guys help me keeping  this site Badass!!!  Wade spotted the  armored-sword-wielding guy and found him a bit  insectoid looking and thought he might be the last Eldrid member. Judging by  the insect look that could be possible, but i have a different theory. Check out this video for a short first look and keep reading for some more speculation.

Mystery Battleborn

Unannounced Mystery Battleborn - Whiskey Foxtrot ?


Back to the design of this hidden character. Looking at the color pallet  i noticed the green stripes and yellow highlights. These are trademarks of the Peacekeepers as they all have that theme going on. Gearbox Software even gave Benedict a new skin to match that theme because his previous look wasn’t matching the rest of the group. So my money is that this hidden hero is part of the Peacekeepers. This hero might even be the commanding officer as  we can see that he is holding a sword; a common trade by those in command to show off how badass they are as the team needs to charge into battle.


As we can clearly see in the  footage is that this hero is carrying a sword and shield. So that would mean the Peacekeepers will be getting their first melee character. Will he play kinda similar to Boldur, only faster ? As that hero is also carrying a  shield and swor…. well an Axe. Left trigger to pop-up that shield and right trigger to SMASH THE SYSTEM!!! That shield kinda looks like it has some spikes on it, will these pop-up as we raise the shield or can we fire them off as we are in battle? As this character already seems to be quick on his feet, a common skill most battleborn heroes have is a dash. So if we get a spinning sword dash like Link from the Legend of Zelda my inner geek is satisfied.


About the name i’m not to sure. Like i said in the video there are gear unpacking videos that show a special piece of gear with a quote from Whiskey Foxtrot.

“sometimes science gets sticky”- Whiskey Foxtrot

This name sounds very in line with ‘Oscar Mike‘ another hero from the peacekeeper faction. So this might be a thing. I tried contacting some folks over at Gearbox and 2K but they couldn’t confirm anything i mentioned. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was the name of an booster shield in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel. If this shield is any indication to what this hero can do is up for speculation. In case you don’t know what this shield does, it damages enemies by dropping sparkly things as the shield gets damaged.

As more info will come available i will update this  analysis article. I also made an profile page for Whiskey Foxtrot as we will be seeing more of him in the future. In the mean time let me know what you think.

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