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Battleborn x Rockband

Battleborn x Rockband 4
Battleborn x Rockband 4

Are you Born 4 Rock? Get ready for the Battle of Bands because two Battleborn heroes will make a cameo in Rockband 4. Last year two vault hunters from Borderlands the pre-sequel made their appearance in Dance Central Spotlight. This all happened because Harmonix helped out with a trailer for Borderlands the pre-sequel. So after that how could Gearbox help with the new Harmonix game? Well, Nisha and Claptrap showed off their dance moves. This time around two Eldrid will showcase some cosmic rhythms, Thorn and Miko.

Battleborn x Rockband

Both Thorn and Miko from the Eldrid faction will be coming to Rock Band 4, and they’re ready to play your favorite tunes. The Eldrid faction is a collection of heroes who believe that the universe should be left alone to run its course – but, they’ll always find some time to rock out on stage. Thorn is a ranger in Battleborn, roaming the jungles of Ekkunar. She’ll snipe anyone out of hiding, and her pinpoint accuracy makes her a great drummer. Miko the mushroom is a top-notch healer, and plays a killer bass. You can find it roaming around the Solus system, restoring order to all who have fallen.

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