Borderlands VIP Codes

Earn Free Loot With The Borderlands Vault Insider Program
Earn Free Loot With The Borderlands Vault Insider Program

Gearbox Software and 2K Games have set up this cool program that lets you earn free loot by doing fun stuff that you were probably gonna do anyway. By simply doing things like; watch the trailers, read the latest blog, or check out the social channels you can earn points. As a Vault Insider, you can spend these points on various rewards. Over the course of the program, new items will be added for you to claim.


  • Wallpapers (The Boxart Wallpaper also contains a hidden SHiFT Code 😉 )
  • Golden Keys for Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands the Pre-Sequel.
    • I assume Borderlands 3 Golden Keys will soon follow as you can also spot a Golden Chest for that game.
  • Heads & Skins
  • Weapons

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VIP Code Archive:

Once you are logged into your account you can redeem these codes. Go to the Redeem a Code Page and use the correct entry box for the codes. Enter the following codes in the popup.

500 Points [06/13]


200 Points [06/13]

  • Vault Code: WEGOTUBOO

250 Points [06/11]

  • Email Code: BL3ATE3

500 Points [06/10]


250 Points [06/10]


100 Points [06/10]

  • Vault Code: GAMEVIP

250 Points [06/09]

  • Vault Code: IGNVIP
  • Vault Code: GAMESPOTVIP
  • Vault Code: TWITCHVIP
  • Vault Code: FACEBOOKVIP
  • Vault Code: SHACKNEWSVIP

200 Points [06/08] Creator codes are limited to 4 codes per event

  • Creator Code: MitsuShowE3
  • Creator Code: TessachkaE3
  • Creator Code: EdEMonsterE3
  • Creator Code: Joltzdude139E3
  • Creator Code: Ki11ersixE3
  • Creator Code: KingGothalionE3
  • Creator Code: ProfessorBromanE3
  • Creator Code: AdmiralBahrooE3

250 Points [06/08]

  • Email Code: LOOTLOOTLOOT

250 Points [06/06]

  • Vault Code: LOADINGBAR

250 Points [06/04] (expires on September 13th, 2019)

  • Email Code: JOYPUKE

250 Points [06/04]

  • Email Code: BL3WELCOME

200 Points [05/24]

  • Vault Code: INTHEFACE

200 Points [05/01]  expire in 48 hours after the reveal event.  

  • Creator Code: professorbromanvip
  • Creator Code: ki11ersixvip
  • Creator Code: kinggothalionvip
  • Creator Code: admiralbahroovip

100 Points [04/29]

  • Vault Code: BL3REVEAL

100 Points [04/19]

  • Vault Code: WUBWUBWUB

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