Best Eridium Farming Location in Borderlands 3

This Borderlands 3 guide will provide you with the best locations to farm for Eridium
Best Eridium Farming Spot in Borderlands 3
Best Eridium Farming Spot in Borderlands 3

What is Eridium?

Eridium isn’t just a rare currency in Borderlands 3 it is also part of the in-game lore. It is an ore that is named after the ancient precursor race that utilized it, the Eridians. Eridium was released onto Pandora after the Vault Hunters opened The Vault in the events of the first Borderlands game. Due to the mysterious relationship of Sirens to Eridians, Sirens can absorb Eridium as a means to enhance their powers.

How to get Eridium?

  • Boss / Enemy drops
    • Bosses and rare enemy types like badasses with a name, chubbies, and loot tinks can drop Eridium.
  • Completing Challenges
    • In the menu, you can find challenges that will reward you with Eridium.
  • Farm Eridium Crystals
    • Throughout the game you will find Eridium Crystals. Later on in the game, you are able to smash these and collect the Eridium.

What can I do with Eridium?

Eridium is the rare currency in Borderlands 3. You need this in order to shop at Crazy Earl for badass cosmetic items or purchase some Anointed gear at the Veteran Rewards vending machine. And if you are swimming in Eridium and feel lucky you can always spend some of it at Moxxi’s bar on the Eridium slot machine.

Best Early-Game Eridium Farm

  • Planet: Pandora
  • Region:  The Droughts
  • Location: Varkid Valley
  • Source: Crowly
  • Eridium: ~12 Eridium per Run

All bosses give you just a few Eridium when you defeat them. However, Crowly gives you a lot more. This is because of the various stages this mini-boss goes through. Each time you kill one of the Varkids 2 smaller ones will appear until there are non left. But each of them will drop a few Eridium. This makes this Sir Hammerlock, crew challenge, a lot more lucrative than farming other bosses.

Best Eridium Farming Spot on Eden-6 Borderlands 3

Best Eridium Farming Spot on Eden-6 – Borderlands 3

Best Mid-Game Eridium Farm

UPDATE: There is currently a hotfix in place that reduces the spawn chance of Eridium in Voracious Canopy. If you play offline the hotfix won’t be downloaded and you can bypass the changes until GBX pushes a patch which will make the changes permanent.

  • Planet: Eden-6
  • Region:  Voracious Canopy
  • Location: Vault
  • Source: Eridium crystals
  • Eridium: ~20 Eridium per Run

In Voracious Canopy on Eden-6 you can find this cave with an Eridian artifact in it. If you drop down into the cave you will find multiple Eridium crystals that you can break. Which you can do once you obtained a special item at the first Vault. When you Save & Quit to then load back in again, you will start at the entrance of the cave and you can start farming again.

Alternative Mid-Game Eredium Farm

This Farm gives you between 30-40-ish Eridium per run and each run is about 50 seconds total. That works out to about 2400 Eridium PER HOUR!
  • Planet: Promethea
  • Region:  Carnivora
  • Location: Next to the Eridium refinery
  • Source: Eridium Crystals
  • Eridium: ~25 Eridium per Run

You can also travel to the guts of Carnivora and then turn back to leave the area. That way you end up in the same section. While you need to travel a bit more for this farm location it has the upside of having a Big Red Chest that gives some of the best loot in the game.

Best Late-Game Eridium Farm

The best late-game Eridium Farm is probably the mid-game Eridium farm at this point but with Mayhem Mode enabled to increase the drop chances. When a better spot is found let me know and I’ll add it to the site.

Best Eridium Farm Method

  • Planet: Promethea
  • Region:  Forgotten Basilica
  • Location: Vault of the Rampager
  • Source: Vault
  • Eridium: ~100 Eridium per Run

When you reach chapter 10 of the main story you have reached the first Vault. After defeating the boss you will get access to the Vault. Here you will obtain an artifact that lets you smash those Eridium Crystals. If you reached this point in the game don’t progress the story. Farm the Vault and then Save&Quit the game. When you start up the game again you will spawn at the doorstep of the Vault with the boss already defeated. Now you farm the Vault over and over again by backing out of the game and jumping back in.

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