Bloody Harvest Event Coming to Borderlands 3

During the first episode of the Borderlands Show, we got our first look at the upcoming Bloody Harvest event that's coming to Borderlands 3. If you played the previous Borderlands games than you know that the Bloody Harvest is a Halloween inspired event. The Bloody Harvest event will be active at the end of October and will stay active for about 6 weeks. During the event you will be able to obtain new gear and cosmetic items.
Bloody Harvest Event - Borderlands 3
Bloody Harvest Event - Borderlands 3

Seasonal Themed

During the Bloody Harvest event, the Borderlands 3 Galaxy will be Halloween themed. When you have reached Sanctuary III you can encounter Haunted enemies throughout the game. These Haunted enemies are your key to accessing a new event-specific map. You will need to collect their Hecktoplasm to earn your way into the new location. Maurice aboard Sanctuary III will help you with that.  However, be beware of those Haunted enemies as they will do their best to scare you to death. When you kill one off them a Ghosts will rise from their dead body and coming in contact with these ghosts will debuff you.

New  Debuff Mechanic

Throughout the Bloody Harvest event, enemies can debuff you with a new status effect called ‘Terror’. If you are affected by this ‘terror’ your weapon handling will decrease and you will experience more sway with your weapons. While this might sound annoying at first, there is gear that ties into this status effect and gives you other benefits. The things I can think off are; while under the effect of terror, bullets that missed an enemy will ricochet towards nearby enemies or maybe something like increased damage.

Bloody Harvest Exclusive Map

Exclusive Bloody Harvest Loot

  • 2 New Legendary Weapons
  • 1 New Legendary Shield
  • 1 New Legendary Grenade Mod
  • New Anointed loot drops
  • New Trinket
  • New Weapon Skin
  • New Vault Hunter Skins
  • ECHO Device Skin
Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest Event exclusive weapon skin

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