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BLTPS – Claptastic Voyage Loot

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage Loot
Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage Loot

Added an overview of all legendary items that can be found in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

With Claptastic Voyage, the new downloadable content for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, 2K Aus adds a  lot of new loot to the game.  New Unique, Rare, and Legendaries weapons. There is also a new weapon rarity called Glitched weapons.  This results in even more variety than with the Holodome Onslaught Loot.


  • 14 Legendary  Gear
  • 1  Rare  Gear
  • 10  Unique Gear
  • 1 Uncommon  Gear

Do you want to know more about the  Glitched Gear, I also wrote a whole article about that subject. For this post, I’m sticking to the  Gear that’s listed in the overview. I got weapon charts, legendary drop locations, and even some legendary guides. Some details are still missing but I’m updating this page when I find new details.


Got confirmation that the Grinder is spitting out these new legendaries and if you are lucky you can stumble upon them in the shops.

Legendary Skins

With the May 19, 2015 Patch of Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Loot Bugs inside the Claptastic Voyage have a new drop assigned to them. These are the Rare and Legendary Skins for all Vault Hunters.

Claptastic Voyage Legendaries

Absolute Zero

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Absolute Zero
Absolute Zero is a Legendary Maliwan Beam Laser.

Elements: Cryo
Red Text:  In this universe there is only one absolute.
Special Effect:  High elemental proc chance
How to get the Absolute Zero ?  The Absolute Zero drops from the Final Boss, EOS.

Cheat Code

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Cheat Code
Cheat Code is a Legendary Hyperion SMG.

Elements:  None,  Fire, Cryo, Corrosive & Shock
Red Text:  Play unfair.
Special Effect:  Acts like the Borderlands 2 ‘Bitch’ only gets random glitches.
How to get the Cheat Code  ?  Cheat Code is guaranteed collectable from finishing last main mission. (Thx: Samhmcq)


BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Flayer
Flayer is a Legendary Jakobs Shotgun.

Elements:  None
Red Text:  OMG. what’s it doing to Sanchez?!
Special Effect: Killing an enemy with the Flayer creates extra Gore Effects. (Seems like just a coach gun with a higher clip and that’s a good thing)
How to get the Flayer  ?  The Flayer drops from ANY virus, good farming location is the Motherlessboard.


BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Fusillade
Fusillade is a Legendary Scav Assault Rifle.

Elements:   None,  Fire, Cryo, Corrosive & Shock
Red Text:  Dakka dakka dakka!
Special Effect:  (Seems to reload faster)
How to get the Fusillade  ?  The Fusillade seems to be a World Drop. Reported dropping from several different enemies. Insecure ultimate badass bot,  very insecure turbo bots & mini clap wolf.

 Kaneda’s Laser

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Kaneda's Laser
Kaneda’s Laser is a Legendary Tediore Launcher.

Elements:   Explosive
Red Text:  If somebody’s gonna kill  him, it should be us!
Special Effect:  Shoots a laser rocket that explodes in a small radius. Reloads fly unpredictably.
How to get the Kaneda’s Laser?  Kaneda’s Laser drops from EOS, the final boss of Claptastic voyage.

Laser Disker

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Laser Disker
Laser Disker is a Legendary Tediore Laser.

Elements:  Explosive
Red Text:  Shazbot!
Special Effect:  Shoots explosive disks that blow up on contact.
How to get the Laser Disker? The Laser Disker drops from  SHADOW-TP (thx:  Trollstien Griffin)

Luck Cannon

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Lock Cannon
Lock Cannon is a Legendary Jakobs pistol.

Elements: None
Red Text: Better lucky than good!
Special Effect:  Luck Cannon shoots one accurate high damage bullet that has a chance to inflict massive damage (Money shot kind of effect of + ~300%).
How to get the Luck Cannon? The Luck Connon drops from Ultimate badass glitches. An easy way to farm for this is at the final boss when he is in his second form. (thx: Re1easedabeast)

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