BLTPS – Claptastic Voyage Loot

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage Loot
Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage Loot

 Longest Yard

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Longest Yard
Longest Yard is a Legendary Hyperion railgun laser.

Elements:   Fire, Cryo, Corrosive & Shock
Red Text:    Impressive
Special Effect:  +50% Damage when airborn
How to get the Longest Yard?  The Longest Yard drops from Teh Earworm who is located in Cluster 99002 Ov3rlook. (Thx: Samhmcq)


BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - M0RQ
M0RQ is a Legendary Anshin shield.

Red Text:    A face in the crowd. I fit right in.
Special Effect:  High elemental resistance that matches the last elemental damage.
How to get the M0RQ ?  A guaranteed drop from a red chest in the motherlessboard, in a hidden room underneath the floating platform where one of 3G0-TPs trophies are (halfway along the orange data stream flowing out from memory bank 4). Image Guide


BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Meganade
Meganade is a Legendary Vladof Grenade Mod.

Elements: Explosive
Red Text:
 Suck! Suck! Suck!
Special Effect: Singularity that has more than one detonation
How to get the Meganade? Dropped by  Self-loathing and Despair on the subconscious map. Complete the DLC in order from Self-Loathing & Despair to spawn.


BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Omni-Cannon
Omni-Cannon is a Legendary Hyperion Sniper Rifle.

A Legendary Hyperion Sniper Rifle.

Elements: Explosive
Red Text:
 State of the art. Bang Bang.
Special Effect:  Explosive sniper
How to get the Omni-Cannon?  The Omni-Cannon drops from Sponx who is located in subconscious. You have to do a sidequest “temple of boom” that you get from Tannis to get him to spawn.

Proletarian Revolution

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Proletarian Revolution
Proletarian Revolution is a Legendary Vladof pistol.

A Legendary Vladof pistol.

Elements: None, Fire, Cryo, Corrosive & Shock
Red Text:
   Strength in numbers, comrades!
Special Effect: When holding it, its magazine slowly increases one bullet at a time, taking ammo from the pool. When reloaded, it drops back to the regular amount. Aside from that, it’s like an anarchist
How to get the Proletarian Revolution?  The Proletarian Revolution seems to be a generic world-drop for now.


BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Rerouter
Rerouter is a Legendary Hyperion Shield.

A Legendary Hyperion Shield.

Elements: None, Fire, Cryo, Corrosive & Shock
Red Text:
 Energy, Power. I’m addicted to it.
Special Effect: High damage Amp Shield that grants immunity to certain elements. The inflicted AMP damage is rewarded to you as health.
How to get the Rerouter?  The Rerouter  drops from SHADOW-TP (thx: Lifeofparties)


BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Thunderfire
Thunderfire is a Legendary Maliwan laser blaster.

Elements: Fire & Shock
Red Text:
Light ’em up.
Special Effect: Dual element maliwan blaster
How to get the Thunderfire?  Dropped by Self-loathing and Despair in the subconscious map. Complete the DLC in order from Self-Loathing & Despair to spawn.

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