Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage Loot

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

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BLTPS – Claptastic Voyage Loot

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage Loot
BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Naught

BLTPS – Claptastic Voyage Loot – Naught


A  Unique Tediore Shield .

Red Text:    5+7+1=Zero
Special Effect:   No recharge delay
How to get the Naught?  Reward for buying the tales from the borderlands season pass.

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Party Popper

BLTPS – Claptastic Voyage Loot – Party Popper

Party Popper

A  Unique Scav Pistol .

Elements: None
Red Text:
   Happy birthday to meow.
Special Effect: shoots streamers. Only deals damage at point blank range.
How to get the Party Popper?  Party popper is obtained by completing h4X0rz. (thx: Re1easedabeast)

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Firehose

BLTPS – Claptastic Voyage Loot – Firehose


A Rare Scav Shotgun .

Elements: None
Red Text:
Special Effect: Spray & Pray ?
How to get the Firehose?  Unknown for now

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Shield of Ages

BLTPS – Claptastic Voyage Loot – Shield of Ages

Shield of Ages

A  Unique Hyperion Shield .

Red Text:  A Shield for the ages.
Special Effect: Unknown for now
How to get the Shield of Ages?  Turning in the temple of boom mission to  gladstone.

BLTPS - Claptastic Voyage Loot - Tannis's Laser of Enlightenment

BLTPS – Claptastic Voyage Loot – Tannis’s Laser of Enlightenment

Tannis’s Laser of Enlightenment

A  Unique Maliwan Beam Laser .

Elements: Fire
Red Text:
 Burn away the impurities of ignorance.
Special Effect: Acts like a short-range flamethrower, high elemental proc chance
How to get the Tannis’s Laser of Enlightenment?  Quest reward from Tannis during the temple of boom mission (thx: Monkeyking)


Easy Legendaries

Although this is not my way of playing i would like to inform you guys/girls that there is an  easy way to farm legendary weapons in the claptastic voyage. With Borderlands 2 there was such a thing as the moonshot trick. When killing the final boss for the first time you would get a guaranteed legendary drop. By saving the game just before the final moonshot you could  reload your game and farm the Warrior without having to kill him over and over again. This method is also  possible during the final boss of the claptastic voyage, and because EOS drops (almost) every new legendary weapon, it is a fast way to farm for them. You do this by forcing the game to save just before retrieving the H-Source. You can do this by turning off & on your badass rank in the menu. Now you can dashboard (console) / ALT+F4 (PC) your game to start at this point in the playthrough. Get a buddy or mule (second controller) to join you and start farming EOS. While the second player gets the loot, he needs to Save & Quit, you need to force close the game by dashboarding on console or ALT+F4 on PC. A advanced trick for PC is that you can set your save file to read only. This prevents the game from overwriting your save data and gives you the ability to also use Save & Quit (don’t forget to turn it back to active when your done).



  • Samhmcq

    The longest yard dropped for me from Teh Earworm btw

    • Thanks! i’ll add it to the list 🙂

      • Samhmcq

        Also I’m pretty sure the Cheat Code is guaranteed from finishing last main mission. (I finished it twice and got it both times)

  • Monkeyking

    i dont know if it is just visual but Tannis’s Laser of Enlightenment has a flamethrower effect and you get it from her side mission

  • Michael

    Flayer found in vending machine

  • negaman1020

    the shield of ages is obtained by turning in the temple of boom (same mission you get tannis’ laser from) to gladstone. you may be able to turn it into tannis before the option to turn it in to gladstone pops up, which wiould be why it’s so unknown.

    you also missed a glitch weapon, called the artful splodger. link to the wiki:

    • Yo, Thanks for the help ! another update!

      • negaman1020

        you also get the data scrubber and hard reboot by killing shame and the cookies respectively in the ‘chip’s data mining adventure’ sidequest.

  • Re1easedabeast

    The company man, fast talker, naught, and boss nova is from buying the tales from the borderlands. Hard reboot is from the Chips Data Mining Adventure (kill Chip and his crew), MINAC’s Atonement is for completing Rose Tinting, and the party popper is for completing h4X0rz.

    • Re1easedabeast

      Luck Cannon is dropped by ultimate badass glitches.
      (I’ll reply here when I know more on where things drop)

      • Thanks for helping out, updated the post with credits 🙂

        • Re1easedabeast

          Flayer drops from ANY virus.

        • Re1easedabeast

          Absolute Zero is dropped by EOS

        • Re1easedabeast

          Moonscaper is from Tales From the Borderlands (forgot that one when I made the first post)

      • negaman1020

        the luck cannon seems to drop from bugs too. like, just any bugs. at all. i got mine form a regular ol’ adbug.

        • Re1easedabeast

          It very well could be a world drop along with most of the new legendary weapons, however farming the ultimate badass glitches seems to be the easiest way to find it.

          • negaman1020

            i’m not the only one who’s reported finding them from regular bugs. it’s less a world drop and more that they just assigned a legendary to a whole enemy type, by accident or not.

            kinda like the cobra, but not impossible to find.

          • Re1easedabeast

            I’m not saying it is 100% right. I am saying though is where I have had luck in it dropping. Now as to the luck cannon dropping by bugs, it seems to be a world drop seeing as we are getting reports of it dropping in multiple places as opposed to a assigned enemy (seeing as glitches and bugs are 2 separate types).

  • lnnocent People

    Is the red text under Data Scrubber correct? For me, it shows the red text from Company Man.

    • Yeah , you were right. too much copy&pasting the layout. I fixed it, thanks 🙂

  • AntiAlias

    The shield of ages has a “Hoplite” effect from BL2, with a massive shield capacity at a cost of a moderate chunk of max health. It may increase the effect for each member in the party, I’ll test that soon. I’ll also check for any movespeed penalties like the Hoplite.

  • Lifeofparties

    I got the luck cannon and laser disker from the grinder, idk if it helps any just confirming that the grinder can put them out

    • thanks added it to the post 🙂

    • Trollstien Griffin

      What was your grinding recipe

      • Lifeofparties

        about 40 minutes of 3 legendaries for a rondom legendary

  • Trollstien Griffin

    Laser Disker is a drop from SHADOW-TP

  • Lifeofparties

    update the fusillage drops from very insecure turbo bots (ultimate vault hunter)

    • Aaron Canto-Martinez

      Fusilade drop from self loathing or despair and from badass defender.subroutine.

  • Lifeofparties

    rerouter is a drop from shadow-tp

    • Once again thank you for your collaboration, added it to the list 🙂

  • Lifeofparties

    It appears the fusillade is a world drop. Received another from a mini clap wolf

  • Lizardion Gaming

    I found the Flayer during the mission with the virus wall or something. I don’t know who dropped it but I think the glitches or the wall itself but it was probably a world drop.

  • Aiden Blades

    Eclipse/EOS dropped the Flayer for me


    i think the shield of ages has high shield capacity dont you think? look the name has ages in it, it mean its has high shield capacity for long use = ages?

  • Maya Harvey

    This is all?


    Absolute zero drops from EOS



    • I know it drops from EOS, but he seems to be able to drop (almost) every new legendary.

    • Aaron Canto-Martinez

      I got Kaneda’s Laser from Grinder

  • Epic koma

    i believe i once saw the Firehose dropped from EOS but didnt pay attation to it because i was farming for legendarys..

    • ya i know what you mean. With mercenary day we could farm Odjurymir that would drop the Ol’Painful. A unique rifle, but most of the time i skip the blues and go straight for the purples.

    • charles L.

      This article is bogus, the firehose is not a unique gun, it’s a normal Scav shotgun, you can get it from vendors. No wonder it has no red text

      • 1) this article is not bogus. 2) the firehose is a rare shotgun, see color code Purple. 3) in very rare occasions you can get Legendy gear (color code orange) from a vendor, does that make it a normal gun ?

        White = common
        Green = uncommon
        Blue = Unique
        Purple = Rare
        Orange = Legendary

        Some weapons are only dropped by specific enemies/bosses others can drop from anyone. Only you won’t run in them that often. Vendors are random, but hey maybe you get lucky with the grinder.

        • charles L.

          The fire hose is not unique, there is nothing special about it. Its just like any other purple gun in the game. Any time you see a Scav shotgun with a triple barrel, it will be called a Firehose, be it blue or purple. Believe me, I know my way around this game. The vendors may have been a bad example, I agree. But it’s not something that was added with the DLC. It was in the game from day one.

          Also, blue does not mean unique. It’s for rare. Its just that MOST uniques happen to be rare. The ol Rosie is unique, yet it’s purple.

  • Darkrai777

    the firehose thats posted is possibly a unique variant and minacs atonement sometimes passes through the target sending no damage, also the reboot has a very wide area of effect, useful for activating air domes before hand

  • Darkrai777

    hopefully that helps 🙂

  • Darkrai777

    By the way, EOS drops the fusilade too.

  • Darkrai777

    longest yard is probably legendary for high dmg (mostly critical) and the MORQ talks in a famous person (I dont know who it is) when you un/equip, get damaged, send damage, and join/start a game with it equipped.

    • The shield is a tribute to the late Robin Williams. Welcome message sounds like the intro from his movie:” Good Morning, Vietnam “

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