Bordercast: April 22, 2021 – Talkin’ Director’s Cut with MystiqueSiren and Quag

Talkin’ Director’s Cut with MystiqueSiren and Quag! – The Bordercast



My Reactions:

I agree with what Quag said, challenging content should be rewarding and that wasn’t always the case. Gearbox is showing us with these hotfixes that they keep tweaking the game to improve it. And I have to say that they are doing a great job by keeping on giving.

It’s really a shame that GBX couldn’t add the cinematic that’s in the Behind the Scenes Extra’s. That and the Ava Murder Mystery Missions really would have added to the main game. Together with Crazy Earl’s Reroll Machine, the game is in a really good place.

Gothalion’s theory is absolutely I can get behind and the bomb that MystiqueSiren dropped is amazing. On one side, it’s as if all the puzzle pieces fall together. On the other side I’m thinking, did GBX really think this thing this deep through or is it more like what Mitsu said, the natural progression of upping the stakes. But the theory about the 7th Siren gets me excited to see what would happen in Borderlands 4 when that becomes a thing.

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