Bordercast: December 31, 2020 Looking Back On the Year feat. ThiccFilA, Triple G and Moxsy



  • [10:24] Start
  • What have you been doing this year?
  • How do you feel about the balance of the Vault Hunters?
  • Which character class needs a bit more love?
  • What are some of the guns you would recommend?
  • Which (Legendary) weapon should get a buff?
  • What shield is a must-have for any player?
  • What is the state of Grenade Mods in Borderlands 3?
  • What is your favorite DLC?
  • What is a storyline thread that Gearbox put down but should return?
  • What do you like to see in the Director’s Cut?
  • How was the community’s reception of BL3?
  •  New Community Challenge and looking back at Community Events
  • Community Love

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