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Bordercast: July 1, 2021 – Talkin’ Borderlands Classic and where does Borderlands 3 Go from here?



My Reactions

  • True Trials was a timely event. Although the development team is looking into the fact if they can make it an optional event that you can opt into. However, because of the way the levels are designed they can’t just add a switch like they did with True Takedowns.
  • The old video game movies by Uwe Bol were designed to be terrible. I heard that there was a fund in Germany that if your movie didn’t perform well you could get money from the government because you tried creating jobs for people. The Uwe Bol movies were made with the intent to cash in on that. That said, other video game movies weren’t that great either. However, I did enjoy the first Mortal Kombat movie.
  • Vault Cards aren’t going away. If you purchased The Director’s Cut, you are entitled to 3 Vault Cards. The first one released at the DLCs launch the other 2 are added later down the line. When the next Vault Card is released, you can choose which Vault Card you want to level. Each Vault Card has its own unique rewards and keys.
  • In the original Borderlands, you got your action skill at LVL 5. Because RPG elements weren’t common back in the day, GBX pushed the action skill to LVL5 so they could ease you into the game and teach you all these mechanics. The later installments of the franchise pushed the action skill forward unlocking at LVL3 in BLTPS and LVL2 in BL3.
  • It would be cool if Borderlands 3 could live next to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.
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