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Bordercast: July 15, 2021 – Triple G is back to talk about Endgame Rush 2.0 and more!



Borderlands 3 Playtime Breakdown
Borderlands 3 Playtime Breakdown

My Reactions:

  • Kevin Hart as an action hero. No one sees it and that’s exactly the theme they picked for the movie Die Hart, where Kevin Hart is training to become an action hero. Youtube started recommending me the trailer for this movie after looking up some Borderlands movie stuff.
  • Mitsu <3
  • I really like community challenges like Endgame Rush, Kudos to Triple G for organizing this event.
  • Yes, I also need more Eridium
  • I heard that some partents play games on easy mode because they don’t have the time to retry a section 10 times and just want to experience a game’s story.
  • The ratio of entertainment per dollar is unbelievable with video games. If you compare it to other things that “expensive” video game isn’t so expensive anymore. Yes, you need to pay a pretty sizable fee up front but with games like Borderlands you get soooooooo much content in return.
  • The Borderlands 3 DLCs are awesome, it’s hard to pick a favorite.
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