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Bordercast: July 22, 2021 – Borderlands 3’s Journey from Launch to Now

Borderlands 3's Journey from Launch to Now. - The Bordercast



My Reactions:

  • I think Mitsu is thinking about my thumbnail of Jack Black as Claptrap
  • I’m really looking forward to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. That announcement trailer had my mind speculating about what’s possible.
  • Yes, Well Arnett is the Dragon Lord. It wouldn’t surprise me if GBX will do a plottwist and the Dragon Lord is misunderstood and things will take a different turn.
  • I didn’t really like the overpowered levels in Borderlands 2. That said, I didn’t really like to farm for the same stuff for the 10x time to get the same weapons but on a higher level.
  • Yeah, the BL2 speedruns were fun back in the day. The exploits the community found enabled some crazy stuff.
  • The loot during the launch window of Borderlands 3 was maybe more of a designer things of doing things. Yeah, getting a random awesome legendary is cool and exciting, however, this community wants to farm for a specific item. Just like I like the idea of the rare spawns, having a secret enemy show up, however, farming them wasn’t ideal in their old state.
  • Fresh eyes on your game, is an eye opener. When I stared playing Battleborn with my son, I realized that some basic stuff wasn’t that basic. It’s like building a level in Mario Maker. When you create a level you basically practice each section a bunch of times to see if it works but then you actually get very good at your level as you know excactly what to do.
  • Slag was removed from Borderlands because it was a very designer thing. It was added to add more choice to the game but actually removed choice at end game as the damage numbers required you to use Slag. That’s why Radiation was added in BL3 instead of Slag.
  • Random Bullet Reflection is such an annoying thing to have in a game. It basically, prevents you to do thing you need to do in the game. It’s a shooter, bullet reflection bassically tells you not to play the game.
  • About the finding all the legendary gear in Borderlands. There is a reason why I added all the weapon drop locations to the site. I also want to be more descriptive to those locations instead of “hey, you can get this from this enemy” because when I picked up BL2 again after not having played it for years, I was like, cool but I also don’t know where to find that enemy that drops that item.
  • Yes, I want more “Borderlands” in Arms Race 2.0
  • Modded Arms Race, play the game you like but don’t ruin someone else’s game.
  • Thanks for the shoutouts Tess & Mitsu <3
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