Bordercast: March 11, 2021 – The Hunt Raised Over $69k and the Borderlands Movie Casts Krieg!




  • Thanks for all the love and support for what I do during this episode of the Bordercast.
  • Great episode going over all The Hunt highlights
  • Mitsu mentioned an interesting thing about Krieg’s Mask in the Borderlands Movie. I can see them go for a mask that is only covering his face partially. That way the actor can still convey emotions through his facial expressions which would connect better with the audience.  I don’t think they should go for a Vault Symbol tattoo on his face. The masks of the psychos are iconic to the franchise, having your main character completely deviate from that feels out of place.
  • Again, a massive shout out to the community and everyone involved in The Hunt 2021, a community at its best!

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