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Bordercast: March 30, 2021 – Director’s Cut Interview

Vault Cards are coming and we're talking to Graeme Timmins, the Creative Director of the Director's Cut add-on all about it!



Interview Details

Vault Cards provide daily and weekly challenges that offer you XP. When you level up your Vault Card you will get a reward. These rewards can either be Gear, Cosmetic, Eridium, Vault Card Key (Rare), or Diamond Key (Super Rare)

As you continue to level up your Vault Card you will be getting more Vault Cards Keys. These can be used to unlock specific Vault Card Loot.

You can keep redeeming the Vault Card Legendary Gear if you have enough keys. The first item has fixed parts but the next ones will be up to the RNG Gods if you want a God-Roll.

Vault Card Keys are specific to each Vault Card, so you can’t stockpile them up and use them for the next card that is coming later this year.

The Vault Card Legendary Weapons will be redeemed on the same level as your character, just like the items you get in your mail.1

1st Vault Card is themed around the Fallen Heroes. So expect cosmetics that pay homage to Maya, Roland, Scooter, and Typhon Deleon.

Diamond Keys open up the Diamond Armory on Sanctuary 3. You can find it on the lower section on the Bridge.

Diamond Armory contains 3 walls filled with loot. These shutters will contain quality loot. GBX can change up the theme of the loot week by week.

Graeme also talks about some behind the scenes content and scrapped cinematic that addresses Maya’s fate.

Players can address their gear like they want it to be.


Graeme really drops a lot of info bombs in this episode of the Bordercast. I’m also curious about that patch that Graeme hinted at.

Once again, The Director’s Cut looks to be packed with awesome content. It’s a diverse package that contains something for everyone.

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