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BorderCast: May 27, 2021 – The True Trial of Discipline, PS Now, and Movie Set Photos!

The True Trial of Discipline, PS Now and Movie Set Photos! – The Bordercast



My Reactions:

  • Crossplay, so Randy said “the publisher” asked to remove Playstation support. If you haven’t been following the Epic vs Apple lawsuit. There was a section that mentioned Epic Games had to pay Sony to enable Crossplay on the Playstation. So I assume this is because negotiations with Sony have not gone swift.
  • About the hopes of Borderlands 3 coming to the Nintendo Switch. Well, I don’t think the system has enough power to run that game. Yeah, sure GBX could strip things to make it lighter but how much of a game do you end up with. That said, there is currently a rumor going on that Nintendo is about to announce a “Switch Pro”. That would open the possibility of BL3 coming to a Nintendo platform. Another rumor is that Xbox cloud gaming could make its way onto the Switch and that would also open up a lot of possibilities for a lot of games.
  • I like the idea that Mitsu had on the size comparison regarding Roland, Krieg, and Krom. It makes sense but I don’t know how well that adds up when you add the other cast members. Then again, if you watched the Lord of the Rings movies, you know that size doesn’t matter in movie magic.
  • I love seeing the Borderlands Movie Behind-the-Scenes photos. It looks like the cast is having a great time together.
  • The Demo of the Unreal Engine 5 kinda focused on resource management and that’s something that a lot of developers struggle with. Because the devs also have all these great ideas of what they want to do. However, some memory limit only allows up to a certain number of characters, objects, etc.
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