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BorderCast: May 6, 2021 – Endgame Rush, Movie News, and More!

Endgame Rush, Movie News, and More! – The Bordercast



My Reactions:

  • Yes, Crossplay & Cartels are coming soonish.
  • It’s just insane what Lazy Data and Quag are able to do in the game. 1-shotting bosses without using any skill points.
  • The loot on M11 feels in a good place, so if it doesn’t have the penalty compared to M10, maybe M10 should just get double?
  • I need more Eridium for the re-roll machine.
  • Onscreen visuals in the Borderlands Movie that are similar to the Scott Pilgram Movie would be fun if the tone of the movie would also support it. The damage numbers is a funny idea, can’t wait to see IMMUNE pop-up XD
  • I’m not finding much evidence of what led to Randy’s tweet. Yes, Gearbox Entertainment is at E3 but that could just mean GBX Publishing is showing off the next Homeworld or other indie game they are helping onto the market.
  • But more Borderlands is always good!
  • Also, Randy asked for talent. So I joked that Devs need to eat and I could work at his wife’s restaurant. She replied when I can start XD
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  1. Are THEY ready for the power of math. Lazy and Quag go hard in physics class.

  2. I’m in


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