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Bordercast Nov 4, 2021 – Borderlands Science Special

Borderlands Science Special – The Bordercast


  • Hosts
  • Unofficial Producers
  • Guests
    • Gabriel Richard – Lead Game Designer at GBX Studio Quebec
    • Attila Szanter – CEO & Co-Founder of MMO Science
    • Dr. Rob Knight – Director, Center for microbiome innovation
    • Dr. Jermoe Waldispuhl – AP of computer science, Mcgrill University.


  • [08:40] Starts
  • Borderlands Science Questions
    • How did Borderlands Science come to be in the first place?
    • What were some of the struggles of getting Borderlands Science off the ground?
    • Did you have an idea ready to go or was it a longer process?
    • Can you tell us more about the micro innitiative is?
    • Why was the gut microbiom specifically chosen for this endevour?
    • Can someone explain how playing the game helps with mapping the microbes?
    • Why was Borderlands 3 chosen as the vehicle as this endevour?
    • What happens to the puzzles that you don’t use?
    • How many bactiria can there be in your gut?
    • What is an alien bactieia?
    • What are some of the initial results found with Borderlands Science?
    • How did you come up with the rewards?
    • How did Mayim Bialik end up on this project?
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My Reactions

  • I don’t know of any other game that helped with science. I know back in the day you could allow your PlayStation to help calculate science stuff when you didn’t use it.
  • Interesting that the Par score is actually the algorithm trying to solve the puzzle and beating that goal is actually exceeding scientists.
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